Day 14 – 35 Miles

Can’t complain about waking up in bed with the AC on low…. It took a lot longer than usual to get up and roll out of bed but after running to bathroom and jumping in the shower, it only took me a minute to pack everything up and high tail it outta there. The second I hit the pavement I knew today was gotta be a little tougher than usual…. I slapped some of that paw wax on my feet and that usually does the trick. About 12 miles in the day I had to take a little break and sit down, with no shade, no shoes and it being 80 outside I was really starting to hurt. You’d think the bottom of my feet would hurt the most but honestly after a few miles my bottom of my feet begin to get a ringing sensation and soon after they kinda go numb in a way; it’s the top of my feet that get me the most! Along the outside of my feet going up to pinky toe really F!#*ing hurt as well as the middle of the top of my feet! Thankfully my shins haven’t started hurting at all. When the going gets tough you just gotta shut up and keep walking. I hit the road and put some music on and when into my little trance and space out. Before you know it I look at my watch, look at my map and realized I went another 16 miles! I was super stoked and found the nearest campground or somewhere to pass out. I checked my map and found a campground only 7 miles away. I took a breather and called Molly for a few minutes. It’s never bad to get a little motivation. I took my time making my way to campground and went to Wal Mart.  When I reached for my wallet I remembered that Detail King send me these AWESOME cards to handout and that’s what I started doing. After small talk and getting supplies I mossied on down the road and made it slowly but surely. The owners were super nice and let me stay and shower up for free!! So far so good but it’s a mental game now….


3 thoughts on “Day 14 – 35 Miles”

  1. Hey Kevin & Yogi,
    What a grind today! You obviously are well trained in Mind over Body! Or might I say, Head over Feet!
    Maybe a comment or so under a picture or two? Like to know your thoughts!
    Stay safe! Card

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