Day 15- 39 miles 

Well I ended up passing out last night around 8:30. Woke up to Yogi running around 6:00 which usually means she’s gotta do her thang outside if ya know what I mean… When I sat up to let her out my back hit the top of the tent and with all the humidity being built up it was like putting my back up against wet clothes being hung up to dry. That pretty much woke me and said “what the hell might as well start the day early…” and I packed all my gear and hit the road just after 6:30. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but my body is still adapting to everything and my appetite isn’t the same as before; it similar to when I was hiking and my diet changed rapidly b/c my body was finding itself. I’m usually eating about 5,000 calories of raw sugars a day so you can about how much candy that is and that just empty calories to replace what I’m burning. Then I eat another 5,000 calories of fast food, subway or whatever is processed and tasty. My feet weren’t feeling too hot from the day before so I slipped my Luna Sandals on and boy oh boy do I love them! They’re a barefoot running company out of Seattle that makes these rocking sandals with a strap around the heal! Check em out! So I slipped a pair of those bad boys on and took off, by 10:00am I was 13 miles in and by 1:00pm I was was still holding together at 25 miles! I took my lunch break in the town of Salem, FL to call the Mrs. to see how everything’s going on and with some more candy and feeling good I decided to take the sandals off I hit the road for 10 more miles. It wasn’t till the last 5 miles or so till I was really feeling it and regreting to wake up. Off topic real quick but that’s what I’ll always do… I’ll say I’m gonna take it easy and let my body recover but then I wake feeling cocky and take off, never looking back! It’s not till later in the day do I start to realize I went out to fast and hard but now I’m in the middle of 2 towns with little food and only a liter of water left. So now I have to keep going…. With only a few miles left I stepped on a piece of glass that I think someone out there left for me to step on, but not really tho haha. That little son of a gun slid smoothy in my foot. When I pulled it out so did all the blood. I mean it bled! After letting it bleed for a bit and washing it out with the rest of the water I super glued that cut closed. It burned for a minute while drying so I wouldn’t recommend it! I finally made it to the campground at quarter of 6 so I’m showering up and going to bed y’all. Peace love happinesss!!


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