Day 16- 36 Miles 

After snoozing pretty early last night I woke up around 6 and couldn’t fall back asleep, I layed there’s and tossed and turned for 20 minutes trying to fall back asleep but it wasn’t happening! I decided to pack everything up and hit the road before 7! The sandals yesterday helped a bunch saving my feet and I was feeling a hole of a lot better then yesterday, the tops of my feet are still store but after a little bit of running it numbs up a little similar to a tattoo…in the beginning it hurts like hell but after a minute it’s just a buzz. It’s was the perfect day for running so far with it being a high of 68 and partly cloudy I wasn’t too worries about having the sun drain me. I put some jams In and ran 4 hours straight running almost a full 20 miles but I had to take a break at McDonald’s and get some pancakes since breakfast is all day now. The worst part about running high miles is that when you think you’re doing good you’re still about halfway there so after 3 packets if syrup and a large fry with pancakes I got back too it. It didn’t take long for the food to start making me dance and 15 minutes later I was high tailing in the wood for a safety check! My friend Will is in Tallahassee and said he’ll hook me up for a night when I got there so I needed to make decent miles today to get there before 3 tomorrow so that about a 28 mile day! Today was long straight road kinda day so nothing too special happened but tomorrow’s a new day and I got my miles in before 5 so I’m always happy about that! Thanks for reading and till next time


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