Day 17- 37 Miles

­Well after tossing and turning all night I finally decided to get up and start packing up all my things. Something didn’t seem right this morning and I couldn’t put my finger on it. It wasn’t till my dad texted me and said turn your clock back and hour and that it was day light savings time that it made sense! After getting on the road I started finding my little groove but not so fast. I received 2 phone calls this morning from 2 different TV stations. They wanted to talk about my journey so that was cool! After the exciting news I high tailed it to Tallahassee, my first big check point!! It was a 26 mile run to Florida State Univerity where the news crew wanted to meet up. So after a 6 hour run I finally made it! My friend from High School Will enrolled at FSU and invited me over  to his place for a bit. It was great seeing him again! After the interviews I had to leave town to do more miles but it started getting dark on me! That daylight savings time was not helping… I ended up just making it in time to set up before it got pitch black! I’ll find the news articles and post them as soon as I can!


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