Days 19-21- Alabama 

The fast few days have far from easy, it all started when I woke up on the 2nd and something wasn’t right… All day I felt this enormous amount of weight on my shoulders, I didn’t have an appetite and I mostly ate candy. I know it’s all mental stuff going on tho and the injure isn’t slowing me down too to much and like I said earlier when I run that after a few miles my legs tingle up and go knumb but it’s because I think I’m stopping. Everyday and all I think about giving up, it’s something anyone would, I mean it’s just tough mentally. With my other trips it wasn’t as difficult as it is now, every Fall I find myself slipping away from what actually going and with a trip going on it’s pretty damn tough. My foot hurts but I know myself better than anyone else and I know when my body is shutting down, my foot isn’t the thing that’s actually holding me back, it’s my mind. Stopping the trip would beat me up more actually completing it. When I was out on the trail something told me that I had to do trip, I had to help out children somewhere where there actually need it, somewhere where you would never think to bring help. As you read this there’s things happening to children out there who are witnessing things that will haunt them forever. That’s someone’s fucking kid and were worried about turning down the AC b/c it’s too hot or mad they clogged their toilet. Something hit me when I was hiking that told me that I had to help out someone I’ve never met and build a place for these kids to have a goodnights rest that we all take for granted. We were given this life for a purpose and whatever that purpose or cause is is for you find out, I found out school wasn’t my thing (it never was) and the business field where I were a suit and tie and work in a 5×5 cubical isn’t my thing either. I could never sit in one place so what hell why not travel and raise awareness of different things that I believe in is. Its not a forever thing but it’s not over till I think I’ve made in an impact. The past few days have been hell but I kicked some ass and made it all the way to Alabama! Tomorrow I’m gonna make my way up to Mobile and try to make good miles b/c I’m not trying to stay in a city. I can’t believe I’ve come all this way in such good timing averaging 30 miles day from the Keys to Alabama-650 miles barefoot and still moving!  




























 The only thing I believe that is keeping me going are the prayers people send me, when you meet someone you never thought existed and you share a conversation no matter how long it is, if you listen closely you find something in those words that will help you down the road. All we have to do is listen…..

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  1. I’ve been following your posts since I read about you on Reddit. Keep up the good work and stay strong. I believe in you.

  2. It was so nice meeting you at the bike shop today! Your story is very inspiring & my little girl kept asking about “that man” after we ran into you & your sweet little dog. I hope you have fun on your cross country adventure. Keep your head up & think of all the people, like me, that you’ll inspire along the way!

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