November 7

Rainy day in southern Mississippi. It was warm so I really didn’t mind. I really only notice I  am wet when I go into a store or gas station for food then the AC hits me like a ton of bricks.  Made it to Johnny RV resort in Theodore LA. At first they said they wouldn’t let me set up the tent, even if I paid for a full hook up. When I was about to leave I saw this big dude with DIRT NAP written across his knuckles. We got to talking. He just retired as an MMA fighter. He went back in and the next thing I know I have a cabin with a shower and tv! Super good price so I offered to help with clean up from the storm since I will be here all weekend.  Later in the afternoon there were some kids on bikes and skateboards.  One kid, Josh, reminded me of me when I was his age (12). I had them fooled that I couldn’t skateboard and was acting like I had no balance then started doing tricks. Pretty funny to see their reactions. We tossed the football and just hung out.  Then there was all this commotion about the Louisiana game. They looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked what that was all about. I guess they REALLY like their college football down here.

My foot has been hurting. I think there may be a piece of glass in there still. I will go to a doc in a box Monday if it still bothers me.

I only have about 70 more miles to go to get to Gulfport where Molly will fly into on Thursday.  The planters faciaitis and stress sprain have been bothering me so having a day off will be good, will need it to make it the last 80 miles.


7 thoughts on “November 7”

  1. Hope your foot is alright! I’ve been checking your updates daily since the second day on this run, real awesome thing you’re doing. Hope for all the best. -Joe

  2. Hi Kevin,

    Keep up the good work! I am proud to know you. I hope to see you again sometime. God Bless, from John Day Oregon.

    Levi & Family

  3. Hi Kevin, how are you doing? Have you recovered from your injury to your foot? Hope you are doing OK. Please leave a post about your status, it would be appreciated. Thanks!

  4. A friend of mine just finished running cross country from Huntington Beach, CA to Queens, NY…He did it completely barefoot. Check out The Un-Run, or Barefoot Jake Brown on Facebook … Unless you already know him. He used the Charity miles app and raised extra money as he went. Good luck on your adventure. I’m near St. Louis, so looks like I’ll miss you this trip, be safe.

  5. Watching this journey play out here from MD. You are an inspiration for all the people in this world who doubt what they can do.

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