4.28.14 Dedication – Arabella

 I have had the priviledge of meeting this beautiful little girl and her parents in Fredericksburg VA when the journey began.  Love ya Bella!



“Arabella Galyen is our daughter that will be 2 years old this July. She was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at 9 days old due to many medical problems at birth. Aside from having Williams Syndrome she was born deaf bilaterally, had a cornea transplant when she was 3 months old and is now almost completely blind in that eye. She has some of the atypical medical issues that arise with WS including kidney disease, hypercalcimia, high blood pressure and pulmonary stenosis. She is always smiling and brings laughter to our home. She has 4 older siblings, 21 year old and 18 year old sisters, 15 year old brother (mom’s children) another 15 year old brother (dad’s son) and the boys have the same first name and middle initial. She was a real blessing to our family and we’ve always felt a true gift from God not only to us but to many others as well”



2 thoughts on “4.28.14 Dedication – Arabella”

  1. This is my great-niece Arabella. We call her Peanut since she was such a little thing when she was born. She has blessed our family more than she will ever know. Each new goal she reaches fills us with pride! She is such a sweetheart!! Thank you Kevin for promoting awareness for WS and God Speed and Safe Travels to you on your journey!! WE LOVE YOU PEANUT!!

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