4.28.14 (stats)


From To (Arrival) ~ Miles Elevation Hours Weather Total Mi Total Hrs Riding day #
Live Oak, FL Lake Park, GA 52 65-158 5 sun, mid 80’s 1286 126 17

As far as making forward progress, not as much today as other days. A total of 52 miles (should have been about 16 miles less but I missed the passed the campground by about 8 miles and had to retrace, the next one “ahead” of me was too far.) I hit FL yesterday and came back up into GA to go around the National Forest. Local people said that is a much better route than going through it or going south to get around it.  They know better than me and google! It was pretty hot today and my shoulder is a little sore from yesterday, no big deal though.  Those NASTY storm in the Midwest are heading close to Tallahhassee.  Mom said to hunker down in a hotel until it passes. I probably will once I get closer to Tallahassee, hopefully by around noon..

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