4.30.14 Oh the rain!!!

OK, I am hanging out at the 4H camp at Cherry Lake until the storm passes (hopefully by tomorrow).  Not much to say about today except that it is R.A.I.N.I.N.G!  Change of plans a little, raining sooo hard we were all offered cabins at the 4 H Camp. Not much in comfort but DRY and thankful for it!  The Florida FourWheelers bicycling group has been very nice.  Tonight they offered dinner – Brisket, pulled pork, ribs, corn on the cob, coleslaw, beans, rice, sweat tea and ice cream.  To all my Nothern friends, there is nothing like food and friendliness of the South!  Rain is expected tomorrow but not terrible so I will head westward asnd hope to get through Tallahassee at least.

Cabin at 4 H Camp

Cabin at 4 H Camp. Hey, it’s DRY!

Rain map. Yup, under the red all day long!

Rain map. Yup, under the red all day long!




8 thoughts on “4.30.14 Oh the rain!!!”

  1. Rain finally left her on the coast in Mississippi…
    Should have good weather thru the weekend… Don’t know
    Which way you are biking thru mobile ….but if you get on 614 west..
    It is a rode the bikers use from mobile to Hurley, then 63 north
    Is wide open and a good road to 98 west to Hattiesburg….
    Safe riding …..let us know if we can help….


    Sara Truett

  2. Glad you are somewhere safe & “dry”!! With what came through here (Ashford, AL)early this morning I was concerned about where you were and how you were managing. It was rough, get in the closet with pillows and blankets kind of bad… We hope to get to meet you in Panama City. Praying for continued safe travels. :)

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