2015 App Trail

First, thank you to those who donated to the Wounded Warrior Project while I was hiking.  Really means a lot to me, and to them!

What an incredible adventure!   Started May 13 at Springer Mountatin in GA.  About a week later Aaron joined and we hiked together until Harpers Ferry.

As we hiked we would pass Blow Up and Sonic and then they would pass us…  So when Aaron left I teamed up with them.  We had a couple day break when we got to Gettysburg mom picked us up. We rested, ate A LOT and went to the harbor in Baltimore.

Sonic stayed with is through PA and then she teamed up with some other hikers.

Blow up (Jared) and I finished the trail on 8/8, in 88 days.  Sonic slowed her pace to take in more sights and she finished about a week later.  Trust me, she ran XC for University of N CO  and would have had no problems finishing way before us.  Her decision to take it easier.  Gald to hear she made it back to CO safely as did Jared getting back to TN.

Please see the posts from 5/13-the end for some awesome pictures.  God Bless America and those who serve to allow us to see how amazing our country is!


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