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So now I have finished the App trail (88 days averaging 35 miles a day), rested and have decided it is time to go BIG.  To do something that will really really help those who most need it.

I want to help build an orphanage in South Sudan.  Why?  There are THOUSANDS of orphans in that area, many children are even living on the streets, children!   With the help of your donations that will be given to a trusted organization this can become a reality.  “For those who do for the least of my brethren…” What more is there?  To help someone who needs it most…

I plan on running from Key West to Alaska starting in October/November 2015.

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May 13, 2015 The App Trail adventure will begin.

Click on the pic to read the quote. I did not write it, just love it!


Hi. Here we are in 2015. A lot has changed in a year. The Appalachian Trail has called me. I plan to be a through hiker, beginning in GA on May 13.

This year’s journey is dedicated to the Wounded Warrior Project. I am sure you agree that the men and women who serve DESERVE all that is great. Helping them return home to a fulfilling life is the very least we can do! Please visit the donation page for the webiste directly to the WWP. It is a 501(c)3 organization so again your donations are tax deductible.

Last year was an amazing year! The 207 day circumference of the US to raise awareness of Williams Syndrome is one that I will never forget. All the great people I met, the beautiful places I saw were amazing!!!

The blog is arranged so anyone who wants to read about that adventure can as well. T

Posts and scenic pics from 2014 are in reverse order, so April 2014 is at the bottom, newer pics will be added to the top.

God Bless all who serve and who have served.



I am Kevin Payne. As this is being created in 2014 I am 18 years old and graduated from Hereford High in Parkton, MD in 2013.

I have 2 older brothers, Rob and Jake. Jake was born with a condition known as Williams Syndrome.  I won’t go into detail here about WS and how the WSA supports its membership, you can find all that information at www.williams-syndrome.org. This is the BEST place to get information on WS!!

Jake has had a huge influence on me. He constantly reminds me what kindness is, to see others without predjudice and to appreciate small accomplishments.  I want to do something good, I want to make a difference so decided to use my God given athletic  abilities to raise awareness of WS.  There are only about 25,000 people with WS in the USA and perhaps only about half are diagnosed.  I just knew when I heard the statistics this is how I can make a difference!

So in early April 2014 I will set out from Parkton, MD on a cross country solo bicycle journey.  I look forward to meeting families affected by WS along the way. If I can help one family, one person, my journey will be a success!

To donate to the WSA please visit http://www.williams-syndrome.org/Kevin-Payne

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19 thoughts on “About me”

  1. We loved the pictures your putting on your blog. Of course, we remember most of your antics.
    Looks like you and Dan are enjoying your ride/jog, but how does Hitch like the comfy stroller? What a nice donation of the stroller by Thule. We hope you’re keeping them informed on your progress across America.
    Love you and be safe,
    MiMi and Pappy

  2. Kevin
    Your journey is looking incredible. We sure do miss you here in the desert. you are forever in our thoughts!
    Meg is off to a camp in Arizona with Young Life, a bit scary being it is not a camp for special needs but fortunately they gave her a companion, get this her name is Tiff!
    We were just in San Diego for surf day, all your new WS kids said hello!
    Thank you for sharing the amazing pics along the way!
    With lots of love
    Tiffany, Megan, Roxy and Raz

    1. HAHA. Good luck with everything!!! Your pics from surf day look like fun. Glad Meg was wearing a body suit, that water is COLD!

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I came across a WSA Facebook post about you. Just wanted to say that what an awesome thing that you’re doing! You really have inspired me. I have a sister with WS myself and I’ve been thinking about ways to help her and other individuals with WS. Anyway, I will be volunteering at the WSA convention next week in LA. It would be nice if I could meet you. Thanks and God bless.

    1. Thanks Cindy! I would love to meet you and your sister too. I will be volunteering in the toddler room. I am sure we will catch up

  4. I just wanted to find out when you might be near us. We live south of Kansas City Missouri and I heard you were going to be near Joplin. Is this right?

    1. Hi Noel. Thanks for reaching out. The original plan, when I was going to bike back was to hit Kansas City AND Joplin. I have decided to up the ante in awareness so will run Forest Gump style from Sacramento to MD. The most direct route from Boulder to CO to Pittsburgh would take me through St Joseph MO. In all likelihood, I will decide to go through Kansas City and St Louis before Indianapolis. It is just too early to say for sure the turn by turn path. It depends on the weather mostly, how my legs and hips are holding up etc. Regardless, I do not expect to head as far south as Joplin.
      Sacramento to Kansas City is ~1700 miles = ~56 days so perhaps I will be in Kansas City area around the end of September (my best guess now).

  5. I just heard from a friend about your cause. I’ve done a little reading about what you are doing and I am very impressed. I live in Vegas and would love to meet for a picture. Me and my family will be following your status and we wish you and your brother a happy and adventitious journey.

  6. A pleasure meeting you & Hitch the other day young man! Your selfless trek is quite an inspiration to me & I had to give you a shout out! Be safe & pet that pup for me! Cheers

  7. So VERY Excited to see you have scheduled your trip to come to Clovis, NM. Please let us know what needs you will have while you are here. How many beds and meals we can provide, etc. So excited for you to meet my Grandson who is 9 and has WS.

  8. Bless your sweet amazing heart!!! Kiss my sweet grandson Noah Palm when you see him. Do you accept donations to help you on your journey? Marcia Palm (Noah Palms’ Gramma)

      1. Thank you. I have not locked in yet on the second half of the ride. I will let you know if I plan on trekking that far north, thanks again

  9. As a mother of a 16 yr old with WS, I want to thank you for what you are doing. I will be praying for a safe and wonderful trip for you. May God richly bless your life!

  10. My grandson has WS and we live in New Mexico. We would love to host you if possible or at least meet you. We are in Clovis NM.

    1. Thank you so much! New Mexico will be a long stretch for me. I will share your email with my mother to get in touch with you.

  11. Be safe.
    We have a lot of prayers coming your way.
    We will miss you as you travel across America for Williams Syndrome Awareness.
    You make us proud.
    MiMi and Pappy

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