Day 11- 36 Miles 

This morning I woke up in a bean bag chair at Robs apartment hoping that the time was around 6 but sadly the clock was a quarter past 9 and that’s wayyy to late for me to get at it. So I quickly threw all my things in the stroller, woke Rob, took a picture that my mom has been bugging me all week about and I got outta there! It was amazing seeing my brother and hanging out for a bit but I gotta get my ass to Alaska. By 1:00pm I had clocked out 14 miles and by 5:00pm  I had already made it a full 30. The nearest campground was 6 miles away and I was already done for the day, exhausted and thristy I pushed the stroller the rest if the way to Tampa! The owners hooked me up with a rockin deal and I’m showered with some grub in me, now all I gotta do is fall asleep!


Day 9/10-0 Miles

Sorry I didn’t get to update my blog yesterday. I was busy running around Sarasota, I finally made it Ringling  College of Art and Design where my big bro goes to school! He’s in the Movie Directing program and he’s busier than ever. Rob’s birthday is right around the corner and I was thinking about what to get him so yesterday after I woke up I went on craigslist and saw a pretty badass bike for sale so I called the guy. I got an Uber and met the guy all under an hour. But once I got the bike I realize I had an 18 mile bike ride back to school so I started biking down my merry way. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not biking b/c I would be dead with the amount of bad/old drivers down here. I almost got hit twice while biking back and it could of been my fault with the way I bike but who knows. I’m taking the day off to hangout with Rob a little more before I take off, the last time we saw each other was Christmas last year so I’m enjoying some one on one with the big man himself! 


Day 8- 32 Miles 

All and all today was a good day I made it all the way to Sarasota to see my oldest brother Rob for a little. He’s studying down here at Ringling for Movie Directing and Film so it’s cool catching up with him b/c we don’t get to talk as much as we’d like… I’m feeling it from yesterday’s run but I’m taking a day off here to hangout with Robs friends.  


Day 7-37 Miles

Today was an awesome day on the road I had a great tailwind all day and it was helping me push the stroller down the road all day. So far it’s been my biggest day yet and I’m only a week into but so we’ll have to see how tomorrow goes and I don’t want to sprint the journey as a marathon or I’ll bye out before the rave even starts…. My foot is sore from yesterday so I wrapped it with my tape and kept moving along. I’m seeing my brother in Sarasota the day after tomorrow and we haven’t seen each other for a minute so I’m just happy to spend some time with him.  


Day 6-34 Miles

Today ended up up being a pretty crazy day, from stepping on glass to running an extra 8 miles to another campground…. Yesterday I took it easy running less then 20 miles and spent the night at Jim Gomory’s house with his son, the were awesome hosts and took me out to dinner for some pasta. I woke up there and hit the road right after sunrise and clocked out 22 miles by lunch, running on the sidewalks is 100x better then the roads b/c I don’t have to worry about glass and the surface is a little more smooth but right when I thought I was in the clear I rolled my foot right over a piece of glass. Well God Dayum did that stopped me like an over heated Honda Civic that ran outta oil. By the time I stopped it was already bleeding. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that glass can cut you and I’m just surprised it’s taken 175 miles for it to happen. So I waddled over to the Walmart 2 miles away and patched myself up. I took off and ran for another few miles and I ran up to an RV campground but they didn’t allow tents even after I offered to pay for a full hookup spot but they laughed and I went on my way. I ran to the end of the street thinking, “Well damn where am I gonna go now I’m already at 26 for the day….”. I looked down at my map and saw the possible campground was 8 miles away and with the time being only 3:00 and I a&d to make up some miles; I took off down the road and made it in less then 2 hours. I found my spot here just outside of Cape Coral, Florida. Safe travels and don’t forget to check out my page

The newspaper article and pics from yesterday is at  you have to hit the arrow button on the right to see the full article.  Thank you Naple News!!!!


Day 5

Today was a short day (miles) running into Naples FL but I got some press to follow my journey, the news paper and TV station down here met up with me and got se actions shots of me. Today was really windy but it made up for it with  the cool temperatures! I had to make a pit stop at the Lowes to do some customizing my stroller by fixing my handle bars on it so they finally stay in one place without moving around on me. I just wanted to do a huge thank you to Jim Gomory for letting me crash at his place tonight with a warm shower and some pasta to fill me up! Ready for a big day tomorrow heading up to Fort Myers  


Day 4 

After fixing the stroller I got back to running, about 5 miles later I’m running down the road with my headphones in jamming out and I’m thinking “I don’t remember sirens during this part of the song” and I look behind me and of course there a state trooper pulling me over…. Probably for speeding. He gets out of his patrol car and walks up to me and asks “Is there a baby I’m that thang?” And I explained to him what I was doing and went on my jolly way. After a few more hours of running I ran up to a KOA and that’s where I decided rest for the night finishing my day at 34 miles  



Day 4

Well I had a pretty crazy morning from starting late to being pulled over and even breaking the front bolt to the stroller. Yogi and I got up and going around 9 this morning and I was still a little stuff from the past few days, I’m still trying to find my rhythm. After about 20 miles I had to make and emergency pit stop and pulled off the road into a little turn off and I let go of the stroller, dropping the weight on the front wheel and breaking the connecting rod. So after I took care of the serious matter I finally hitched a ride into a gas starting where we jerryrigged a new one to support the wheel. I can’t believe how many gators are out here and I mean GATORS! Molly told me I was in the blogging page called reddit it and it was cool to see how many people liked it and it was really funny seeing that someone I met on the Appalachian Trail posted about me!! Well I’m shooting for a good day around 30 or so, so I’ll get back to it and y’all keep reading it! 









Day 3

After all the rain yesterday I finally got a little sunshine, or should say a lot! Right after I started a pulled off the side the road and out jumps my friend back in high school, Sarah and down the area with her parents heading to Naples, small Rolf after all!  After noon it reached 92 and with the sun hitting my back for around 16 miles  I finally ran up to some type of restaurant, a little gator food truck and my oh my was that $7 taco pretty damn good. I got back on ye road and saw this dead alligator laying on the road, like come on how hard is it to slow down or swerve just a little but nope he got him good, after another 3 and half hours or so of running I made it to the first campground I saw and pulled in finishing my day with 27 miles. I ended up taking a shower in my running shorts by the spicket and set up camp by the lake. I gotta keep drinking them fluids, I can feel myself drying up. Well I’ll see y’all! Peace 


Day 2

Ever since I woke up this morning it’s been  been raining and convincing me to pack up and start running isn’t gonna be so easy, after getting up and running for a bit I decided to take some shelter at an Exxon a few miles from campground. There I got my favorite meal (bacon, egg, and cheese) and I was able to get back at it again b/c the rain died down. The rain out here is really cool, the temperature is around 78 or so and with the humidity I don’t get cold from the rain getting my clothes wet. My legs are hella sore from yesterday and it’s difficult zoning in and I can’t seem to be able to daze off like I usually do, I’m right at about 18 miles for the day and the road isn’t really helping. Gotta gt back to it