5.21.14 (stats)

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from amarillo

5.21 chart

So today was a good long ride. I headed out of the Warmshowers host home (it is a converted dentist office they made into a hostile for cyclists) very early. At 11:13 crossed the border into NM and the time changed! I guess I didn’t realize it the first time change in western FL, there was a lot going on then. Around noon I stopped to rest, took like a 2-3 hour power nap under a tree. I ate some food I was carrying and got back onto Rt 66. This is the second day on the Mother Road (66/40) (had to hop off it for a bit, some parts do not allow bicyclces). Yeah traffic is fast but the shoulders are very wide! I have plenty of space! Most of the day was in the mid 80’s so not so bad and cloudy with a passing shower, felt good! Ate dinner at a gas station, talked with a few people. Rode until a little after dark.
This is the first day I had some decent down hills. Yeah, I had some up hills, but have had consistent up hills for a few days, this is the first where I noticed some rolling. Definately helped with the distance!!

5.21.14 Dedication – Jordan

The Man, The Myth, The Legend! Jordan you are all that and then some! I met him in Folkston. He should be a rock star! Even Van Halen would be impressed by Jordan’s air guitar talent!!! Jordan, love your shades Dude, saw the pic on fb! Can’t wait to hang with you again my friend.



Jordan Elijah Cox is 24 years old, he was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at the age of 3 years old. He has grown into a very sweet and caring young man. He loves to play his collection of guitars and he also plays on Sundays in the Church band. Jordan brings joy and laughter to all those who know him. He was extremely happy to meet Kevin Payne when he had a stop in Folkston, GA in April. Of course Jordan never meets a stranger. Jordan still lives at home with his parents and younger sister and they are extremely proud of him and every accomplishment he achieves. Jordan has definitely taught us more about life and what’s important than we will ever teach him. Jordan Cox is one REMARKABLE young man who accepts his limitations and challenges and does not let them stop him from being the best he can be.

5.20.14 (stats)

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to amarillo

to amarillo v2

As Mom would say “Oh Lauwdy it is HOT!” It was a 105 degrees and a 1700 foot climb. It sounds like a lot and probably is, but was over 128 miles. So what is that, 13-14 feet climb on average every mile (you can see the chart, a low grade ride). A steady petal. There is NOTHING out here, absolutely NOTHING. Hitch and I found a tree (that’s what’s out here, a single tree and a leaning tower). Where there is a tree there is SHADE! The tree was in the middle of a field, did not matter, we went there to rest. The schedule had us stopping before Amarillo, but the thought of a shower, air conditioning and a bed was sooo appealing I pressed on to get there today. Hitch is easy, just hangs and plays when we stop. The heat did not bother her, well, she was in the shade the whole time so I guess not : )
Emma L, who actually started ALL the awareness walks about 6-7 years ago in Frederick MD as a high school project (in honor of Tatum who she babysat) now lives in Albuquerque. On a mission to get to her place and rest there for a couple days. It will be good to see her again! Thanks Emma!!!!!
Heard some great Awareness will be coming from Vegas in a few weeks, thanks to Kate J and her b-i-l Dan J!!!

Oh, the next post down is info if you want to order Awareness ride shirts. The orders must be placed by this Saturday 5/24…

Check it out, a grill shaped like the state of TX on the side of the road.  Can't use it though, too dry out here...

Check it out, a grill shaped like the state of TX on the side of the road. Can’t use it though, too dry out here…

"Lean wit it, Rock wit it".  Britten TX water tower. It will amaze you how it happened... Google it... hahahah

“Lean wit it, Rock wit it”. Britten TX water tower. It will amaze you how it happened… Google it… hahahah

5.20.14 Dedication – Molly

Molly is precious! I am so glad I went to meet her! She is so so sweet and I look forward to seeing her again, watching her grow and smash through those milestones! Her family is the nicest! THANK YOU! OH BIG DAY for Ms Molly. She received her gait trainer today! She is now verticle and forward moving! The coolest thing I have seen in a long time! Dog better watch out :)


Molly is 2 1/2 years old. She lives in Hurley,Ms. We found out at 3 weeks old that Molly had Williams Syndrome. This was my first
child and it was very hard at first, so much to learn and absorb at once. At Molly’s four month check up, we noticed some different movements by Molly. After admittance to the hospital, and a 24 hour EEG we found out Molly had infantile spasms. After more tests and research we learned this was caused by a longer deletion on chromosome 7 than normal. Over the last 2 years I have talked with two other families that have this dual diagnosis – One in Colorado, and one Mother in Australia.. My heart goes out to these families. I know their daily struggle… Molly has been a real blessing to my family… She has taught me to back up and enjoy the small everyday things we sometimes overlook. We celebrate every milestone for Molly. She is a real Trooper and never gives up. I know she gets tired of all the Doctor visits. We try to take it one challenge at a time, and just keep on looking for the right answers….Our part is easy…Molly is my HERO, she teaches me everyday!
Thanks Kevin you are special!

5.19.14 (stats)

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The weather in Oklahoma is CRAZY. A couple of days ago it was in the 70’s during the day, today was mid to upper 90’s and tomorrow will be triple digits. Weird that I am much farther north and it is hotter. I heard that it is not necessarily that I am north, but that I am more west, closer to the deserts. I have past the 2,500 mile mark! Will start planning the ride home from CA and the actual path between Vegas and Anaheim, watching the wildfires (plans subject to change). Open for suggestions!!! It is weird, every year we hear about wildfires on the news, pray for the people living there and the firefighters, and not that we dismiss the news but we don’t know anyone affected necessarily. It takes on a different meaning when now there is a connection with families that live near there.
About 3:30pm I pulled into a park to set up camp in Sayre, OK. Nice park, there is a pool, SHADE, showers etc. Can’t wait to jump in the pool

Hitch follows me everywhere!

Yeah, she follows me EVERYWHERE

Yeah, she follows me EVERYWHERE

Weekend update

Sorry I went AWOL for a few days. WordPress (or web hosting hub, one of those) had major spam attacks and it took a little while for my PR person (aka mom) to get back online. Lots to share from the weekend!

Friday – we headed out of Hugo OK late in the day, have 150 miles to go to get to the bike store by 4 on Saturday. We biked as long as we could. Came across a cheapy cheap hotel. $29 sounds good, right? Remember with hotels, you get what you pay for… The first room key was for a room that was occupied (prob with a couple that pay by the hour I am thinking…) Second room was vacant at least but still pretty nasty. I MUCH prefer sleeping in the hammock!

Saturday – THANKFULLY Walter (and Dwayne) at Buchanan bike store in Norman OK stayed open for us, we got there about 4:15. He stayed and helped transfer all the gear and we headed out about 5:30. He had things to do, places to go with his wife so a big thank you to him!!!! Thank you to Tobin from the bike store for reaching out to us yesterday that they could possibly help out. I heard some families were going to help out, THANK YOU! And lastly a big shout out to the man in the pick up truck who got us to the bike store as quickly as he could. Yeah, it would have been 150 miles ride, could not make it so we got a ride for about 65-70 miles (one hour in a truck = 7 hours on a bike to put things in perspective). The ride chart will reflect what I RODE, not the distance traveled. I am now on a true touring bike – a Surly Long Haul Trucker. It is a steel bike so it is super sturdy. I kept my seat, my butt is used it it. For years and years people rode XC with regular brakes (as opposed to disc) so they will be fine. The panier rack that was shipped to Hugo that did not really fit the old bike fits on the new one. I picked up a trailer/cart from Craigslist cheap so have more storage space for extra water and other important things (do not skip ahead to the pics!)… It is light and really easy to pull. Disbursing weight is a good thing! Satuday night we camped at a Warm Showers host home. The lady was not home but said we could stay in her yard. Perfect, we are grateful!

On to Sunday – We rode from Norman to Oklahoma City and ended in Union City for the night. Sunday was a really great day. As we were riding through OKC someone spotted the WSA sign on the back of the trailer. They waved us over. Soo, they were friends of a family that have a daughter with WS. So we met with Emily and her family for a little while. HOW COOL is that?!?!?! Later we took in some sights around OKC and headed west into Union City. There we stayed the night at the United Methodist Church. Decided to skip Turner Falls, it would put us behind schedule a little, we are just ahead of schedule now. Good thing because head winds may slow the ride a little.

Monday morning – here it is… Kori and I have decided to part ways. It was good to have a riding partner for the past almost 1,000 miles. Wishing him safe, happy and healthy travels. Godspeed! And here are headwinds… Mixed blessing because it is warm so a little breeze is nice, gusts can slow up a little, that would be fine.

This is a long post, sorry, hope you are not bored! If so you probs have already stopped reading.

So my best news to share is I have a new riding partner. Picked up this hitchhiker at Walmart (someone was giving her away). I call her Hitch.


She's comfy and enjoying the ride...

She’s comfy and enjoying the ride…

WSA Awareness flag!   It works!!!

WSA Awareness flag! It works!!!

Met Emily in OKC by chance! So glad to have met her!!!

Met Emily in OKC by chance! So glad to have met her!!!

OK road at sunset, just north of Hugo 5.17

OK road at sunset, just north of Hugo 5.17

A chahuahua (mix) can only take so much excitement...

A chahuahua (mix) can only take so much excitement…

Jake, back off Dude, she's MY chic!!!  Jake and Bella at the Fredericksburg VA walk 5.17

Jake, back off Dude, she’s MY chic!!! Jake and Bella at the Fredericksburg VA walk 5.17

Near Oklahoma City 5.18

Near Oklahoma City 5.18

Dedications will start again tomorrow. Want to give honorees the readers full attention.

The charts are not loading right so if you want to see details just click on it to see it better…

weekend map

5.16.14 update

I usually post late at night or the next morning on what we did, where we went etc. As you know, the gear racks and bike have been nothing but trouble lately….at 4pm we are leaving Hugo OK now on the way to Norman OK – to Buchanan Bike shop. Tobin from the shop called mom and said he heard of the situation from another bike store. He thinks he has 3 bikes that would fit. A Surley Long Haul, a Salsa Vaya or Specialized AWOL. He will offer a little discount, grateful for that! Hopefully by noon tomorrow I will be set for the next 5500 miles!

5.16.14 – Dedication – Liv

I met baby Liv in Folkston. She is such a beautiful little girl. Her parents, Rod and Kylie, are super super nice! I look forward to seeing her again and watching her grow up (even if it is through pictures mostly).


Liv is 7 months old and lives in Jacksonville, FL with her parents Kylie & Rod. She was tested for WS at 2 days old & it was confirmed when she was less than a month. It was a rocky start, but all of her serious health issues have currently totally improved! Prayers work! Liv has hit all of her milestones on time thus far and just started eating solid food (peas are her favorite), crawling is next! Her favorite activites include smiling, laughing, bouncing, cuddling, making new friends, and watching TV at every possible opportunity! Liv has brought so much joy to everyone who meets her, especially her very loving grandparents!


Remember how I met Hudson in Florida, his dedication day was a couple days ago, here is a pic of Liv and Hudson at the WSA Clinic at All Children’s Hospital in Tampa recently! Clinics like the one in Tampa are soo important and we are grateful the WSA can connect families with them. (Jake went to the one at CHOP (Childrens Hospital in Philadelphia) when he was little). If you are a parent and need to connect with a Clinic the Williams Syndrome Association can help you find the closest one to where you live.


5.15.14 (Stats)

Sooo issues with the bike plague me. At first, it was just the panier rack that kept having problems. With the help of Maurice then a little tweeking at Home depot this is the fix that lasted a little while. Not ideal…


Jury Rigged Panier Rack

Jury Rigged Panier Rack

We stayed last night with another Warm Showers home – Andy and Kerry in Hugo, OK. I bought a new panier rack a couple days ago and it should be delivered today (Thursday) to Andy and Kerry’s house. Where is Hugo Oklahoma? I never heard of it either! I am getting a lesson in Geography for sure! It is point “B” on the map… It is 195 miles from Wichita Falls, 133 miles from Dallas, 187 miles from Oklahoma City and the closest is Texarkana which is 116 miles but totally opposite direction. Those are the closest bicycle stores! Original plan was to go to Turner Falls National Park in Davis, OK which is 121 miles (Point “A”).


The question is, now with a crack in my frame (scratching my head how this happened, bought the Specialized bike brand new and did not train on it, this ride is all that was ridden on it!!), can I make it to Davis then to Wichita Falls? Options, go to a weld shop to see if they can reinforce, go to Walmart and get a cheapy bike to ride westward to a bike store, Alex in VA offered his (very nice custom) bike so could/should that be shipped, then to where? Prob shipping to a bike store is safest… There are options, I just need to work through one at a time.

Enough of that. We came across these stunt cyclists yesterday (they ride for Jesus). Kori is laying on the ground in this video

. MOV_6559.MOV