8.22.14 Stats, Guns and Cigars.

8.22 graph

8.22 chart

Had a great day with Dan and Scar. Scar is so chill to hang with! Dan and I will definitely come visit him again!

If someone would have asked us what we thought we would do on this trip, never would have we guessed shooting guns!! Friday afternoon after it stopped raining Scar took us to the range and let us shoot some of his guns. He had a much, the pics are with the AR-15 and 45.

Later in the afternoon we hit the road and traveled only about 18 miles. There is a nuclear power plant about 30 miles from where we stopped, that is close enough for us.

We stayed at Big Lost River rest stop. It rained a lot today.

Only in Idaho. Not sure what is funnier the name or the enormous population!

Only in Idaho. Not sure what is funnier the name or the enormous population!

Shooting the 45 in Arco 8.22. Thank you Scar~

Shooting the 45 in Arco 8.22. Thank you Scar~

Dan and the AR15 in Arco 8.22.

Dan and the AR15 in Arco 8.22.

Shooting in Arco 8.22. Compliments of Scar.

Shooting in Arco 8.22. Compliments of Scar.

Dan shooting the AR15, Scar behind him 8.22 Arco

Dan shooting the AR15, Scar behind him 8.22 Arco

dan 45

Dan with the AR15 in Arco 8.22

Dan with the AR15 in Arco 8.22

8.22.14 Funny story

Since I am not sure when we will hit the road today I thought I would share a funny story. This time from a mom (mom saw on fb adn asked if I could share it here)

“I decided never to spank my child but consider myself a strict disciplinarian, which requires creativity and follow through. Today my son decided to publicly malfunction in a spectacular way after being warned he would go to the corner. He then informed me there was no corner in the store. I finished at the checkstand and marched him outside to put his nose in a quiet corner of the building’s facade, which required him to stand on some bark chips in a flower bed. I explained to him why he was there and that I would not leave him. As I was loading my things into my car, I heard the store’s automatic sprinklers activate. #momoftheyear”

Hilarious! What may even be funnier is this boy is obsessed with sprinklers, could watch them all day long! Karma! BHAHAHAHA

8.21.14 Stats

8.21 graph

8.21 chart

Big day for us. Suppose it is all relevant though. We passed through Craters of the Moon National Preserve.

Sunrise at Crates of the Moon 8.21.14.  The black on each side of the road is dried lava "fields"

Sunrise at Crates of the Moon 8.21.14. The black on each side of the road is dried lava “fields”

Then we made it to Arco a day ahead of schedule. Glad we did because Thursday night it rained and rained and rained. Felt like we were in Pooh’s Bluster Day movie with the heffalumps and woozles. They need the rain out here so badly!

8.21.14 rain overnight.

8.21.14 rain overnight.

We got to the post office in time (has strange hours) to get our General Delivery mail. So cool, Ms Amy and Mom sent things to the post office General Delivery for us and we just went and picked them up. Dan got his replacement phone his mom sent. Did I tell you on day 2 when we came across that lake… yeah, Dan’s phone (Iphone 5S) did not like the swim. Mom had sent the shoes Charm City Run had donated (very cool! thank you CCR) and extra fliers.

Thank you Charm City Run!!!

Thank you Charm City Run!!!

The town has a vet, Lost River Vet clinic. I took Hitch there to see why she was limping. They looked her over and could not see anything so maybe she just pulled a muscle and will feel better soon. So while we were there, she got all her shots and she got spayed (thankfully she was just in heat a couple weeks ago and not prego). Sorry, I know a couple of you told mom you would take one of her puppies. We are 2 guys out on the road, we just are not ready for all the stuff that goes with a dog being in heat. Once was enough! Gross! I don’t know, would a dog in heat draw coyotes and wolves? Not worth the risk, and it’s gross! She is a little sore but overall is a champ! I paid cash so got a really good deal, $100 for everything… I think back home our vet would have charged well over $300.

We stayed with Scar, the warm showers host here in Arco. HILARIOUS! Glad we met him. He served in the Army but unfortunately broke his neck and was discharged. He is fine now thankfully! He sure has stories!!! He lives in a camper at his place, Honeys Park. He has electric and wifi but no running water. There is a truck stop close we could take a shower for $5. He is very gracious and what he has he willingly shares (except the kiddie pool, that’s for his dogs). Oh his one dog, check out her ear…there is no mistaking that is his dog. It was done with liquid nitrogen when she was a pup. He said it did not hurt her. This is just so cool! A DOG TATTOO!


We are watching the weather to figure out when we will head out of Arco. Probably late Friday.

Forecast at 8am, 8.22.14. Ugh

Forecast at 8am, 8.22.14. Ugh

We are so close to hitting the $10,000 mark! Thank you to EVERYONE who donated and who has helped in in every way !!!!

8.21.14 Dedication – Ryder

Today Dan and I are dedicating our ride & run to Ryder! He is so cute and an incredible fighter!!! We pray that all his therapies are successful and he will be running around soon! Please please send up a prayer and send positive vibes to his family.

I am using information from his fb page- Hope for Ryder, as well as his GOFUNDME page. Please read both below.

From FB –
“A brave little boy making an everlasting impact on the hearts of so many without speaking a word. “I never said it would be easy – I only said it would be worth it”
September 29, 2011 at 11:54am we welcomed our beautiful baby boy into the world. A little 5 …lbs 7 oz bundle of joy. Little did we know all the challenges, struggles and blessings that would come with this precious life. Within the first 24 hours of Ryder’s life we were told Ryder had a mur mur and we needed to see his pediatrician right away. Ryder was just one month old when he was diagnosed with severe congenital heart defects, including Supra Valvular Aortic Stenosis and mild pulmonary artery branch stenosis. Ryder will need to undergo Open Heart Surgery to fix these issues as well as many other tests and procedures to keep track of how his heart is doing.
Supravalvular aortic stenosis (SVAS) is a heart defect that develops before birth. This defect is a narrowing (stenosis) of the large blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the rest of the body (the aorta). The condition is described as supravalvular because the section of the aorta that is narrowed is located just above the valve that connects the aorta with the heart (the aortic valve). Some people with SVAS also have defects in other blood vessels, most commonly stenosis of the artery from the heart to the lungs (the pulmonary artery). An abnormal heart sound during a heartbeat (heart murmur) can often be heard during a chest exam. If SVAS is not treated, the aortic narrowing can lead to shortness of breath, chest pain, and ultimately heart failure.
SVAS occurs in 1 in 20,000 newborns worldwide.
This condition is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern, which means one copy of the altered gene in each cell is sufficient to cause the disorder. However, some people who inherit the altered gene never develop features of SVAS.
Ryder is now two years old and just diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a rare neurodevelopmental disorder. They believe that this is most likely the probable cause of most of/ if not all of, Ryders’s heart defects. William’s Syndrome is characterized by distinctive ‘elfin’ like facial features which become more prominent with age. It can also cause many other issues such as muscle and joint problems, kidney problems, high blood calcium levels, diabetes, learning and behavior disabilities and many more. William’s Syndrome is often referred to by scientists as the ‘Beautiful Mystery’. Beautiful describing the nature and personality of William’s people, and Mystery as it is still a syndrome they do not know much about.”

“Ryder was born with Williams Syndrome and at 2 1/2 years old he recently underwent open heart surgery, which went really well only to have our lives turned upside down 4 days post op. Ryder had complications due to his bypass machine and was then diagnosed with post pump chorea, a movement disorder where he cant control any part of his body. He is currently undergoing extensive physical, occupational, and speech therapy to learn to walk, talk, sit up, every little movement we all take for granted. Ryder has started smiling again as we continue to take things day by day. He has a very long road ahead of him with more than 6 months in the hospital. Post pump chorea only happens to 3% of children who undergo open heart surgery, the prognosis is typically not good but Ryder is defeating the odds with the love of his family! Please pray for Ryder and our family during this time for continued improvements, complete healing, lots of courage, and strength.

Ryder 2

Ryder 1

8.20.14 Stats

8.20 chart

8.20.14 graph

How was Wednesday? It was OK. A little cooler because of the storms yesterday so that was good. We were pretty low on food so our PR person looked up where we were in the morning and said the next closest town was about 15 miles. We were pretty low on water and food. The food part was not a big deal, the water we kind of needed. As we hit the road and we would hear a car coming we just help up our water bottles. A few people stopped. Some offered us water. One lady did not have water but she had tons of fruit that she offered us. Plums, peaches, grapes!!! SOOOOO good! So so so good.

We got to a gas station and out here that COULD be the town so we loaded with 2 days of food. Yeah, gas station food! It’s calories! We were about to leave and went back in to ask the guy how far the next town was. Yeah, like 2 miles is a real town. Next time we will ask first!

Soon we passed through Carey, ID. It is so big it even has a high school! Not sure how many kids go to the HS because the town’s population is only about 600 total.

When we started getting tired we saw a ranch and asked the owners if we could camp out or sleep in the barn. The lady was nice and said we could stay in part of the house her son had lived. It is amazing how nice people can be!

Some trucks are HUGE, take up practically the whole road. There was like 30 of these huge trucks that passed us. Idaho is pretty, just barren. Suppose that is how tater farmers prefer it! Can someone ask Ron White what part of Idaho they grow tater tots? A must see destination!

Idaho is pretty. Near Carey, ID 8.20

Idaho is pretty. Near Carey, ID 8.20

Look how wide this is!!! Like 30 of these passed us. Near Carey, ID 8.20

Look how wide this is!!! Like 30 of these passed us. Near Carey, ID 8.20

Love this pic from 8.20 near Carey, ID

Love this pic from 8.20 near Carey, ID

Oh, this is the peak of awesomeness! Outdoor lovers gotta see this!!! To skip past all the technical stuff & to see the interior skip to 2:40

Wishing Ari a very happy birthday!

8.19.14 Update

Hi All. this is Debbie. Kev said there was bad weather on Tuesday so they just stayed put, hunkered down. They are heading out on Wednesday and expect to be in a bad cell area. They should make it to Carey on Wednesday and Craters of The Moon National Park Thursday. Dr Applebaum said it is the strangest place on the planet so I hope they get some pictures. They will make it to Arco by Friday. There is a vet there, thankfully.

I was talking to Kev late Monday night (eastern time) and all the sudden he started whispering and said he had to go, they thought a bear was close by. Needless to say I was panic stricken. He called back about 10 minutes later and he and Dan were laughing hysterically. They had set up camp near the creek which unbeknownst to them was also near a cow pasture. It was a cow snorting nearby that they heard. hahahaha.


People with WS sometime can have difficulty with attention : ) Something I saw on fb the other day I thought was hilarious –

Posted from a mom – “I am officially losing my mind and it’s only Monday (All of our conversations went like this today: ME: What do you want for your birthday? SON: You did?”)


An update on Jordan from Jordan’s Brave FB Page – (remember he is the little guy with WS and Leukemia). He had a couple of tough weeks, meds gave him mouth sores and he was really feeling not great. Today is a new day! “Well Jordan had another great day full of energy! He went to the OR today for a bone marrow biopsy… And all the new cell growth were healthy cells (not Burkett cells)!! He is scheduled for chemo starting tomorrow around 9am. He went around to all the staff passing out candy to them to let them know he loves them!!!” Thank God! Praying he continues to fight and beat this cancer!


8.18.14 Stats

8.18 graph

8.18 chart

We traveled during the day but it was OK because it was downhill. It really was about time!! Pretty uneventful day. I feel much better now… Just needed a lot of fluids and rest. Back to feeling like myself! Whew!

Oh, so the other day Mr Idaho Po Po pulled us over. HAHA, sounds funny to say since we are already “over”. Yeah, well APPARENTLY I was not over ENOUGH. My left wheel was inside the white line. My bad! I suppose he needed something to keep himself busy. He was nice enough, I know, he was only trying to help protect us. He wanted to run our information. What information? Licence and ???? Do we need licences to bicycle and run? I thought the whole thing was hilarious. Dan thought so to after the officer rode away. Caught it on the Go Pro.

It is really a bad drought out here. Magic Reservoir is dried up. Crazy! There are some streams and creeks still running, low but running. I think it was Brock Creek we slept near.

We should be in Arco on Wednesday. I think there is a vet there. Poor Hitch is still limping and not a happy camper. Any of you that know her know that this is just not how she is.

So, a couple of my girls had surgery (Tuesday morning). Glad to report they are doing fine. Ari had dental surgery at Boston’s Children and Belle had stitches removed from the cornea operation in Richmond. Hope they both have quick recoveries!





Dried up part of Magic Reservoir between Fairfield and Arco Idaho 8.8

Dried up part of Magic Reservoir between Fairfield and Arco Idaho 8.18

This is near where we camped 8.18 at Brock Creek, pretty sure this feeds into the reservoir (in other words it will dry up as it flows downstream)

This is near where we camped 8.18 at Brock Creek, pretty sure this feeds into the reservoir (in other words it will dry up as it flows downstream)

Mr Idaho Po Po stopped us. Why do you ask? Because the stroller wheel was Inside the white line.  My B.

Mr Idaho Po Po stopped us. Why do you ask? Because the stroller wheel was Inside the white line. My B.

This is where the stroller SHOULD be. See? Outside the white line!

This is where the stroller SHOULD be. See? Outside the white line!

8.18.18 Dedication – Elaine

Rest in Peace Ms. Lainey. I remember seeing you on stage at the 2006 convention in Richmond, you were the oldest person there with WS and you were holding a baby, the youngest at the time with WS. Today, the WS community CELEBRATES you!


As posted from the WSA – “We are saddened to learn of the passing of 91 year old Elaine “Lainey” Howard (WS). The WSA community first met Lainey in 2006 at our National Convention. Lainey inspired each of us that night with her welcoming “hello everybody!” and her special smile, and she has been an inspiration to many, many more in the years since. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family. We will all miss her greatly.”

8.17.14 Stats

8.17 chart

sunday graph

So this update is for Saturday and Sunday. Traveling at night makes it hard to give a daily update so this chart is for the split day. We are averaging 28 mile per day on traveling days and 24 miles a day including the rest days and shorter days because we reached a destination spot, like a lake : ) If we keep at this same pace, we expect to be home Nov 26. That would be great!!!

I am glad to say Dan is feeling Ok. Saturday was a tough day. We are taking vitamins and supplements so I am surprised at how I feel. Yesterday (Friday) my legs were cramping then I stopped being able to urinate. I know that means I was dehydrated so drank as much as I could. I didn’t think much else of it. Maybe I am just having a delay in feeling bad because of being dehydrated. I hope so and that I will feel better later.

So when we got tired early Sunday we just set up the tent on the side of the road to rest for a while. I am sure the property belongs to someone, but there is no one around to ask permission to rest there. We were PRETTY SURE we wouldn’t get woken up by sprinklers again. Glad we have the tent. Hammocks would be useless here. Thanks again random guy at the rest stop a few days ago for giving us your tent.

By mid afternoon we made it to Fairfield ID. What is here in Fairfield? Well 2 super nice people, Randy and Laura. They are warm showers hosts. They are letting us use their guest house. Taking a shower is high on the priority list! Fairfield is a tiny town, tiny tiny town. Population is around 500 and it is less than one square mile. Our high school class was around 250 and I think our HS property is bigger than the whole town. Seems like a winter destination spot, nice ski mountains are close and snowkiting is really popular around here.

Hitch cries when she walks, not all the time, just occasionally she will yelp. Maybe this is why she yelped in the video, I don’t see where the cat got her now that I am looking close. I think she may have something in her paw or maybe a sprain, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure there is not a vet in Fairfield. I hope whatever it is will work itself out soon. I don’t see anything and rubbing her legs doesn’t bother her, just when she walks sometimes she will yelp.

8.16 camp site in the middle of no where ID

8.16 camp site in the middle of no where ID

8.16 campsite in the-middle-of-nowhere-ID

8.16 campsite in the-middle-of-nowhere-ID

Mom wanted to use the hammock I left at home (the Clark I brought with me). This is the convo after she asked where it was:

Mom asked me where the old hammock is... this is the conversation that followed.

Mom asked me where the old hammock is… this is the conversation that followed.