9.22.14 Stats and health updates

osmond chart


Another easy day today. We only went about 10 miles. These little towns across NE all have a park and that is where we stayed Monday night. Next to the park was a community pool with a bath house. The door was open and THERE WERE SHOWERS! No hot water, but we haven’t showered in like 4 days so we really didn’t care too much. It wasn’t cold cold water, it was one of those showers you push a button and 5 seconds of water comes out. Fine with us.

We do need to do laundry. Probably should have done that a couple of towns back that had a laundromat. We should be in Sioux Falls in a couple of days, there should definitely be one there.

Mom asked why we don’t just stop at a fire station and take a shower. Well, the stations are volunteer like they are at home. The big difference is here, the volunteers don’t congregate at the stations. They are busy farming I guess. We have not seen an open fire station in hundreds of miles, maybe since Wyoming.

So why did we only go 10 miles? Aside from stopping for a shower the town has a basketball court. Dan and I shot hoops til way past dark. There is a court light and the light switch is on the pole we could just switch on AND there were basketballs on the court!!!! I guess people just leave them there for when they go back. I am not sure I could live in a small town like this, literally 4-5 square blocks but I could live in a town where you don’t have to worry about things being stolen. Even if Hereford where crime is minimal, if someone leaves a ball on a court it’s not going to be there the next day.

Not much else. We did take a couple of pics. (It is raining now on Tuesday morning so not sure when we will head out.)


Just realized after 6500+ miles the bags inside the panniers keep things dry!

Just realized after 6500+ miles the bags inside the panniers keep things dry!

Plainview, NE 9.22

Plainview, NE 9.22

He wants to jump out!

He wants to jump out!


Dan and CB 9.22

Dan and CB 9.22

Welcome to the Squ4d

Welcome to the Squ4d

Paws 9.22

Paws 9.22

So I have posted and asked for prayers for a few people. An update on miracles…

Mikey’s kidney function has returned to a stable level!!!! What the Dr’s thought was irreversible damage from dye pretty much reversed!

Ms. M – has been in and out of the hospital for much of the spring and summer. She went to school (10th grade) and even the semi-formal homecoming dance!

Ryder – (Hope for Ryder on fb) I forget the name of what he has , basically full (hopefully temporary) paralysis as a result of open heart surgery (very rare but it can happen). He will turn 3 next week and received his special wheelchair a couple weeks ago. With intense therapy he is starting to point and do simple gestures. Who would have thought popping bubbles in the air would be therapeutic?

Jordan – (Jordan’s Brave Page on fb) He is the little guy with leukemia as well as WS He was home last week for 5 days!!! From pics looks like he had a blast and got to go outside for walks. He is back in the hospital now for another round of chemo.

Please continue to pray for these and so many many others that are overcoming health issues.


9.22.14 Congrats

CONGRATS TRE’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember I stayed with Levi and his family in Henderson NV for over a week? Well, Tre, the older brother got 2nd place in the state for BMX!!!!

I was lucky enough to watch him race, he is a BEAST!


9.22 Dedication – Walker

Today we are dedicating the day to Walker. We met Walker, his brother Wyatt and parents yesterday. Walker is HILARIOUS! At one point he blurted out a VERY little known “fact” – “Do you know that milk comes from a cow’s penis?” HMMM. Nope, did not know that, thanks for sharing (?) (Also did not know that your mom has a herpes costume! hahahaha) If you don’t get that last part look back a few posts to get the full story. Very funny!


Walker makes everyone smile with his smile, frown (tell me his pic doesn’t make you smile) and kind words. Walker is upset in this picture because mom made him wear a shirt with someone else’s name on it. Walker loves all things that fly with the most recent obsession being Batman. Kids with WS often obsess and Walker definitely has that characteristic. As of today (it will change tomorrow) Walker’s favorite food is McDonald’s hamburgers or fried pork chops and mashed potatoes with white gravy (has to be white). He loves school so far this year but hates homework. He has a love hate relationship with his big brother and they love to bicker..sometimes it may just be for mom’s benefit. Thanks Kevin and Dan for all you are doing.. Safe travels


9.21 Stats

Sunday 2


So today we did not travel very far. We had a lazy morning with the pups. Came to find out CB does not like the trailer so we needed to do some re-arranging. Hitch does not mind the trailer so she is there with Dan pulling with the bike and CB is in the stroller. CB’s digestive track is still messed up from not eating and now he is moving… Yeah, he hurled all inside the stroller so it took a while to get everything cleaned out.

Wake up wake up!  Creighton 9.14.  Look at the size of his paws!  Need to get home before he fills them in!!!!!

Wake up wake up! Creighton 9.14. Look at the size of his paws! Need to get home before he fills them in!!!!!

Happy pups...Mom says Hitch looks like a Gremlin!  9.21 Creighton, NE

Happy pups…Mom says Hitch looks like a Gremlin! 9.21 Creighton, NE

And we are ready to leave Creighton 9.21.  Did not make it far before we realized SOMEONE does not like the trailer.  After switching the dogs around and CB was in the stroller he then decided to hurl!   UGH!!!! Another thing I did not think I would do on the trip, clean up dog vomit from a baby stroller.  Maybe this will sound funny next week...

And we are ready to leave Creighton 9.21. Did not make it far before we realized SOMEONE does not like the trailer. After switching the dogs around and CB was in the stroller he then decided to hurl! UGH!!!! Another thing I did not think I would do on the trip, clean up dog vomit from a baby stroller. Maybe this will sound funny next week…

The chart above is a wider view than normal. Why?

LaDonna and Terry with their sons Walker (WS) and Wyatt came up from Norfolk to get us from the campground in Plainview and took us to dinner. We put the dogs in kennels back at their house. They are so nice. Put some wind in our sails. It was really great to meet / see them.

Left to right... Dan, Walker, Wyatt and me.

Left to right… Dan, Walker, Wyatt and me.

We have not seen a WS family since Mitchell OR (exception the brother in Jackson Hole). We are getting closer to IA. I think then we will start hitting larger towns more frequently, larger towns = more frequent warm shower hosts and clean underwear.

Hitch and CB are getting along well. Thanks Tiffany for offering the charm for CB to match Hitch’s! If anyone would like the hands and heart charm Tiffany is selling larger one which are great for necklaces and smaller ones women are using for earrings and putting on charm bracelets.

WSA Charm… If you want one Tiffany Moore in Palm Dessert is selling them. Large ones are great for necklaces or like here a charm to bedazzle a pup, small ones are great for bracelet charms and earrings.

Kind of wondering what I will do when I get home… Check this out!!!! (Thanks Tiffany)

Tiffany sent me pics of these on fb.  AWESOME!!  Maybe I just found out what I will do when I get back home...

Tiffany sent me pics of these on fb. AWESOME!! Maybe I just found out what I will do when I get back home…

9.20 Stats


Sat graph

Saturday we made it to Creighton. We picked up the package from the convenience store in the afternoon. How nice was it that the postmaster would deliver it there and the store owner kept it for us? In the box was 2 pair of UA cold gear compression leggings one for each of us, a pair of Nike running compressions, a pair of socks for each of us and a jacket for each of us to layer when it gets cold.

As we are coming down in altitude the temps are climbing. Today was 92! Isn’t that insane? It snowed last week in NE and now it is summer again! We are prepared now for when it gets cold again so thank you to all who gave $ for the gear.

We camped in a park in Creighton. We heard some whimpering and looked under a bush. We are in total shock! A puppy was tied with a wire to a tree. Poor thing is sooo skinny. We gave it some food and water and waited and no one came back for him. SOOOO. Oh, anyone reading this would do the same thing and you can;t say you wouldn’t!


There is a family that lives 2 houses away from the park that have been really nice. The mom came out with warm choc chip cookies and offered us some and said if we needed anything else to let them know. Well, after finding the puppy (“CB”) and making out decision we went back to the house to see if they had anything to cut a hole in the trailer’s top. The Dad quickly came out with a jig saw.

So we officially have another companion.

9.20 Dan with CB

9.20 Dan with CB


9.19 Stats

Frriday grahp

Friday chRT

Friday was a good day! O’Neill was only about 20 miles so we stopped there for lunch. China Dragon to be exact. There was no place to park our wheels in front of the store but there was room in front of the florist. We went in and asked the florist if we could park and she said we could. She noticed Hitch and offered to watch her while we ate. Thank you!

Food was good, hot and filling. There were I think 2-3 other tables with people eating. When we asked for the bill the waiter said someone had paid for it. WHAT?!?!?!? He would not say who. Amazing. We need to remember to always pay it forward when we can.

After we got back on the road a police car passed us then turned around. What did we do now? We were on the outside of the white line. Well, he did wave us over and asked if I got my wallet. What? That was 50 miles or so ago! Guess radio messages travels faster than us : ) Really nice!

We camped in someone’s front yard. We have only had one, oh maybe 2 people not let us camp. One person would not open the door just told us through the door no and one man made it VERY clear he did not want anyone on his property. OK. I get it. Other than those 2 everyone else in NE has been beyond nicee

9.19.14 Dedication – Payton

Today we are dedicating this beautiful day to a beautiful girl – Payton. I love that her mom said her smile brings sunshine to anyone she meets. Dan and I have not met her, and we have sunshine today. Her nickname from us now is Sunshine. Done. Mom said you have a new super great bike! Sorry we won’t be passing your way to ride with you. Remember to wear a helmet… Have a great school year Sunshine!

payton littlejohn

Payton is a happy, enthusiastic 10 year old with William Syndrome. Her smile brings sunshine to anyone she meets and her personality makes her shine. She was diagnosed with Williams syndrome at 18 months of age after missing several milestones. With the help of First Steps and our wonderful school system, Payton is exceeding our expectations. She is now in fourth grade and spends half of her time in the special education room and half of the day with her peers. She loves school! Payton deals with a lot of the typical issues of WS: Anxiety, high blood pressure, scoliosis, Reflux, and sleep issues, but she is resilient and lives life to the fullest. When she’s not at school she loves to go fishing, play basketball and baseball with her brother, and swim. We are so thankful for Payton. She’s given us a completely different outlook on life. Each day is a gift!

9.18.14 Stats and funny story

9.18 chart 2

9.18 chart

So the excitement for the day – Got to the Sheriff’s office and my wallet was there! I still can’t believe it. Dad said I have a horseshoe up my butt. Probably…

The amazingly nice people of Nebraska! The box of cold gear was shipped to Creighton to be sure it was ahead of us. Creighton is 57 miles ahead of where we are now. True, still downhill most of the way but to get there by 4:00 Friday or even before 9am Saturday will be almost impossible (po is open 8am-9am Saturday.) Mom called the post office and asked if there was anything they could do, maybe the Sheriff’s office could hold it. The Sheriff’s office is not 24/7 so that is not a good option. The postmaster said there is a local convenience store that has good hours, they will deliver the box there and the store owner would hold it for us. Dan or I will just need to show an ID to the store owner to get the box. How crazy nice is that????? That would NEVER happen in Baltimore! The postmaster wrote our phone numbers on the package for the store owner, just in case.

Shout out thank you to Aunt Barb! She has sent $20 every month for for food to mom to put on the debit card. You see Aunt Barb is a Sister of St Joseph and has taken a vow of poverty. She still manages to send $ each month. Thank you thank you thank you. Love you Aunt Barb!!!!

O’Neill is about 20 miles away. We will make it today for sure and looking forward to a hot meal!

So many funny stories are in the q. I will be sure they are all posted before the trip is over.

“(9 year old son) embarrassed the $%&* out of me at his Dr appt. He meets with a team of Docs, neurology, pediatric, etc along with the never ending bunch of students. They asked him about Halloween and of course he told them he was going to be Batman”…”They asked him if I (mom) was going to stay home and hand out treats and he said no that I already have my HERPES costume. I can say for certain that I don’t have herpes or a herpes costume…. HIPPEE would be the right word. OMG… needless to say the appointment went well and they prescribed an anxiety med… I think I’m in need of one myself”
HAHAHAHAHA trying to imagine what a Herpes costume would be. hahahahahaha

One more just to get the weekend started with a smile…
A young man in his early 20’s (no name AHEM) was talking to his parents. They must have been talking about whatever, traveling maybe. The mom said “I have never been to Niagra Falls”. The Dad said ” I have never been to Key West”. The young man said “Yeah well I’ve never been laid”. . . ¯\_( ˘ ˘)_/¯…CMTSU

9.17.14 Dedication – Robyn

Robyn looks like my kinda guy! OK, except for vacuuming, I am not a fan of vacuuming. Do well in school Dude and I look forward to meeting you one day!


“This is Robyn. He is a rambunctious 11 year old with Williams Syndrome who is friendly, funny and loving. He is very active and loves to ride his bike whenever he can. His favorite indoor activities are playing video racing games, dancing, practicing “beat boxing”, vacuuming, taking things apart with tools and looking for videos on Youtube about fire engines, mowers and trucks as well as videos by his favorite music groups like Pentatonix. His favorite foods are clementines, apples, BBQ or sesame chicken, and cheese sticks.”