10.22.14 Stats


slippery rock

And we made it to Slippery Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is really great seeing Caty!!!! It was a llllloooonnnngggggg 2 days so now we will rest for about a week. I will still put things on the post so stay tuned.

I talked to Jake last night to catch up and let him know where we are. When I asked what he was up to he said “I went to Pep Boys Where Everything’s For Less Store.”

On our way to SRU, through eastern Ohio I hit a pot hole and broke a spoke. Chuck picked us up and took us to the nearest bike store. He was really great to talk with, he was so funny! I hope our paths cross again. He was super chill. Mile chart reflects what we rode.

10.22.14 Updates on Jordan, Ryder and a few other things…

Remember back about a month ago we had dinner with the Mead family? Their son Walker was so funny… A few fb messages from LaDonna (the mom)

In a video she posted Walker said he saw a big green scary guy. She asked him who the big green scary guy was – “It was Freakin Stein”
Last week she said she was stalked in a parking lot… get a load of this!


Today the WSA is going Orange… It is Unity Day, anti-bullying awareness day.

unity day 2

Unity day

An update on Jordan from his fb page…


An update on Ryder from his fb page…


A couple of random pics from the last couple of days.



And a couple of funnies from WS parents…
“When Jack is really tired he cries easily. Tonight he was so tired he fell to hysterical tears because Jay would not let him sleep in the bath tub.”
“Frustrated. trying to watch the football game. Son keeps walking up to the TV and changing the channel to PBS cooking shows. Never mind that he does not know how to chew and it not willing to learn”

And an awesome quote from Emma Lewis who I stayed with in Albuquerque…”May my heart be brave, my mind fierce and my spirit free”.

10.21.14 Stats, a long ride today

woostert 2


Wow! We rode really far today, like 140 miles! Yeah, pretty much every part of our bodies ache, from our shoulders all the way to our toes. We started out at 6:30 am and rode until about 10 pm.

The Lohnes family (Warm showers hosts) in Wooster hosted us for the night. Really nice family. Their youngest son is a Jr in high school, the older ones have moved out or are in college. The hot shower was the best one I have had on the trip, by a long shot. Pretty sure Dan would agree to that! Its gonna be hard getting up in the morning. If we push it we may make it to Slippery Rock Thursday, not sure though, it’s getting hillier and 2 long days might be much. We’ll see how we feel.

I cant wait to see Caty at SRU and introduce her to Dan. My 2 closest friends, it will be a good week at SRU.

After Slippery Rock we will hit a couple of big mountains on they way home, not like out west, but still steep. The last 25 miles or so will be on the NCR trail from York, PA to Parkton. A familiar trail that we have biked and ran parts of over the years with school and scouts.

Erin’s (WS mom) parents or in-laws live not far from the path in central PA so we hope we can see them!

Here is what we will will do after Slippery Rock. Days are in pencil but should be pretty close. If anything changes we will let you know.

Mom and Ms Amy are planning a welcome home thing on 11/15 from 2-6 at Our Lady of Grace in Parkton. There will be “light fare”, a candy and dessert buffet, and a DJ from 3-6 (thank you Cameron) for an afternoon of family fun and dancing. If you are reading this and can come, please email parktonpayne@yahoo.com with how many so they can get a count. Any out of towners? We can arrange 4 bedrooms that can sleep 8 total.



10.20.14 Stats

Van Wert 2

Van Wert

Today we made went about 75 miles, went through Ft Wayne and ended up camping in Van Wert, OH. We went to the firestation and asked if we could sleep there. They really did not have sleeping quarters but they did let us take a shower. One of the firefighters’ daughter lives across the street and she let us camp in her yard.

Ft Wayne is a really pretty city. We really liked cruising around here. I had thought about going to Indiana Tech for college, they offered a really nice scholarship to run XC and be a vaulter in track. The coaches and athletes were so nice… We stopped by and said Hi to the coach. I am not sure I will go back to school, but perhaps it is a good idea to keep my options open.

Ft Wayne 10.20

Ft Wayne 10.20

Downtown Ft Wayne 10.20

Downtown Ft Wayne 10.20

Downtown Ft Wayne, IN  10.20

Downtown Ft Wayne, IN 10.20

Trail near Ft Wayne.

Trail near Ft Wayne.

10.20.14 Update on Easton

On 10/8 I asked for your prayers for little Easton. He had open heart surgery the Monday before (10/6). A great update – he was released from the hospital on the 13th, his mother’s birthday! A perfect birthday present for her.

Here is is the day of being released. Hope he gets stronger each and every day!


And here with a great smile a few days before the operation. Hope he is smiling this wide again! Lots to smile about!

Easton 2

10.19.14 Stats

Warsaw 10.19


Today is the only FULL day we will be in Indiana. Yesterday we crossed into IN and tomorrow we should make it to Ohio. It is easy riding here. There are hills but they are not so steep, just low rolling hills I guess.

Thanks Ms Amy for paying for a hotel for us. The Super 8 is where we stayed. It was a long day so taking a shower and getting a good night’s sleep is so good.

The new gear arrangement is working out well. The Panniers in the back really can’t hold weight because the rack broke again so he has his gear in the trailer and I have both dogs. It is working out ok… Dan is loving his new tires! We probably should have gotten those a while back, but it was nice to not have to worry about getting flats.


bridge 2

Hi Dan!  Somewhere on Rt 30 in Indiana

Hi Dan! Somewhere on Rt 30 in Indiana

10.18.14 Stats and Happy Birthdays

Merriville 2


Let me first say a Happy Birthday to my brother Jake and Melissa Ann in Folkston, GA. Melissa’s son has WS and she hosted the Carnival Day for me. I was able to spend a couple of days with her and Jared, went to eat, went to the Jacksonville Zoo… Great time! Hope Jake and Melissa have a great day and a great year!

Today was a good day. We went about 75 miles and crossed the state line into Indiana. Everyone warned us about going through Chicago Heights. It was a small section that was kinda sketchy so we just got through there quickly. We were on a biking trail part of the day, that was cool.

I think we crossed the time zone today, pretty sure it was today. The phone just changes automatically and at night we realized we were on eastern time. There were no signs like in the west telling you when you are changing.

We had a hard time finding a place to camp out. We didn’t see any parks, there are no Warm Shower houses around and no luck with back yards . No worries, everyone has a bad day. Still awareness was spread.

Mom gave us $ for dinner so we ordered take away from Outback. We stayed in a cheap hotel. CHEAPY CHEAP if you get what I mean. It was kinda gross, they probably make more $ on hourly rooms than overnight rooms.

Bike Trail near Chicago

Bike Trail near Chicago

Near Chicago

Near Chicago

chicago 2

10.18.14 Dedication – Jake

I am dedicating today to Jake! Today he is turning 22! Mom took him to Nashville to celebrate. Looks like he had a blast!

He saw the movie Coyote Ugly and was really excited that he could go there this time (he was only 20 when he went there with Dad and they would not let him in). Well to say that he was NOT impressed is to put it mildly. He said one dancer was pregnant, one was old “like mom”. Definitively not their A game on a Friday. He loved the Mauldin Brothers who was the first of several banks to sing happy birthday to him. : )
I wish I could have seen it.

Jake loved going to the “honky tonks” and having the bands sing happy birthday… The Mauldin brothers were his favorite…

Jake bringin in his b day with the Mauldin Brothers in Nashville

Jake bringin in his b day with the Mauldin Brothers in Nashville

At the Gaylord Hotel in Opryland

At the Gaylord Hotel in Opryland

Horseback riding near Nashville

Horseback riding near Nashville

10.17.14 Stats and Happy Birthdays

First let me wish Aunt Steph (Dad’s sister) and Aunt Beth (Mom’s very best friend) a very happy birthday! Hope they have a great day and great year~!

Big rock 2

Big Rock

Getting a slow start to biking. It was a short day yesterday another short day today. OK, I’ll fess up, my behind is not used to riding and anti-chaf cream will be my new best friend.

A couple of days ago our goal was to make it to Big Rock yesterday. Since we only made it to Compton today we decided to stop in Big Rock. We had planned to camp at a certain campground, only to find out they are closed for the season and they would not let us there. So we were biking looking for a place to stop and yup, got stopped again by the PoPo. First he said we were not allowed to bike there, but we are. Then he said we were not visible, we politely pointed out the head lights, rear lights, reflectors and the stroller has A LOT of reflectors. He then said there was a little park (basically picnic area with grassy area) just up the road we could camp out there. I think he was concerned because it was Friday night and we were kinda close to a rough looking bar.

Illinois 4

After the storm in Illinois

After the storm in Illinois

After the storm sunset

After the storm sunset

illinois 2

10.16.14 Both on bikes



So as you probably guessed, Dan and I are both biking. What was the final straw? Monday night Dan and I ran from the hotel to Walmart and it was pouring so we really were not looking down. I stepped in a puddle that was deeper than I thought and I saw stars! I have had A LOT of broken bones but this was different, it really really hurt.

On Tuesday I went to the local Doc in the Box and she said she felt 3 bumps on the back of the ankle and she thought I was getting 3 small Achilles tears and the tendon on the bottom of the foot is SUPER tight. Yes, the same thing that the Law’s PT friend said last week. When I was talking to Momma Bear on the phone Monday and walking I lost my footing and slipped. I screamed and Momma Bear being Momma bear went right home and started packing. She was not sure what I needed or if I could even finish, I think she thought she was gonna bring us home. NO WAY. Her friend suggested I finish the trip in a wheel chair, just a third means of self propelled transportation.

I am disappointed that I cannot finish the run home. I ran 2,000 miles almost exactly. I am happy about that, but still wanted to run it home, especially doing the last part as a century run. Who knows, maybe I still can do that.

The most important thing is to just finish, by whatever means my body will let me. Initially the plan was to bike the whole trip. That was the plan from the beginning. I am hoping that my Achilles will start to heal and be strong enough for just 100 miles. We’ll see, it is still a few weeks away.


10.16 Dan changing the tires at Meads Bike Shop in Sterling, IA

10.16 Dan changing the tires at Meads Bike Shop in Sterling, IA