8.8.14 Stats

Back again, sorry no signals for the past couple of days. We mad it to Vale, OR on Friday afternoon and found a campground here. We will stay here all of Friday and Friday night. Saturday we will head East toward Nampa. We Will need to stop at REI in Boise, a little out of the way but gotta go there.

Oh, not so funny then but now, a few hours later kinda is. Thursday night we were progressing and about 3:30 we decided to rest. We saw a park and set up the hammocks. About 7:00am we felt water and thought it was raining but oh no it was not, the automatic sprinklers came on! So we quickly packed up and went across the parking lot, reset the hammocks and laid down. About 20 minutes later a MONSTROUS sprinkler came on, strong enough to water the entire state of MD! We were drenched! We quickly gathered up everything and made it to the parking lot. An older gentleman rode his ATV to where we were just laughing. At least he thought it was funny.

Oh, catching up on a story from Mitchell… Hitch was barking at the ground and when I looked it was a scorpion. I thought it was dead and I would just cut its tail off. Well it was not dead! (still cut the tail off). Just then a couple more came out of the ground. We high tailed it outta there, must have been near a nest.

So the picture mom posted yesterday of Addie… Dan and I met them in Mitchell OR. They were coming out of the cafe as we were going in (remember how good I said it was!) They recognized the sign on the trailer and I recognized Addie’s smile. This is the second time I have met someone on the trip with WS because they saw the sign. Very cool!

So mom saw a couple of hs team mates of ours last night, Jon and Prince. Jon is running XC for UMBC. Way to go Jon! Prince, he is heading off to the Ukraine for medical school! “What up my…(man)” She said she talked to Mrs Collins and Kev will be going to App State in the fall. Have fun Kev, can’t wait to see ya!!! A couple of the girl XC runners will run for App and Erin will run with Emily at U of MD. See the lot of athletes the coaches trained? amazing! Kind of funny, my senior year I was thinking about not running XC. And now 2 years later I am LITERALLY running XC.
(I did run XC Sr year, we were Balto Co, Regional and State champions 3 years in a row, a triple triple sweep.)

I think that’s it for now. peace out.

8.7.14 Stats & picture from Mitchell, OR

8.7 chart

Hi, Debbie again. Hoping Kev and Dan can give their own update tomorrow…

They called last night about midnight eastern time and were about 30 miles from Vale OR. The map above is just an estimate of where they were at that time. It is pretty hard to judge how far they are traveling in a day because they travel in 2 separate times to avoid the heat.

They like traveling at night, much cooler. They said they can see a glowing in the far distance and that it was forest fires in the mountains. The glow would brighten then darken depending on their view of it and the winds near the fires. It is far from them so they could not really take pictures of it.

They should hit the border of ID on Friday and there is a warm showers host, Paul, who said he and his family will host them in Nampa. Thank you Paul. The guys should be there maybe Sunday (?).

A comment received from a family Dan and Kev met in Mitchell and pic with Addie. The guys said Addie was hilarious and Kelly and Charlie were super nice!
“So wonderful to run into you two boys in Mitchell! Incredibly blown away by your determination and happy to see how much fun you’re having along the way! We wish we could have helped more. Addie, Charlie and I were so pleased to have met you both (and pup)! Wishing you lots of luck and love as you continue on! -Kelly, Charlie & Addie”

Left to right, Dan, our new friend Addie, and Kev

Left to right, Dan, our new friend Addie, and Kev

8.06.14 Stats and estimations

8.6 chart v2

8.6 chart

Hi All. This is Debbie again. Kev and Dan called to let us all know they made it to a little town of Unity, OR yesterday. It is so small I did not even see it on the map yesterday. Unity is about 49 miles from John Day. They wanted to make it 50 miles in 24 hours, will have to happen another day.
They decided to travel in the early morning and then in the evening and rest during the heat of the day. Makes good sense to me. They went about 15 miles in the morning then rested in a barn, then later in the day traveled about 34 miles then stayed the night at a church (where they called from). They said they liked traveling at night, it is cooler, no one is on the road and if someone is driving they can see the lights far ahead of time.

I was pleasantly surprised they called but they re-iterated not to expect updates or pictures for a couple more days.

So, those that know me know I am a math and stats freak. The guys are traveling an average of 28 miles per day on travel days. Pretty impressive. Their total average since they left Bend including the rest day is 24.4 miles per day. Using this 24 mpd it will take them 115 days so target for MD arrival is about Nov 20. Reality, my guess is December 1, thinking they will want more than one rest day a week in some areas, like Yellowstone…

OK, so SOME people with WS tend to be a bit dramatic. Just some : ) An example:

Did you see the caption? Yes, please pray for her finger…. (she is fine, scraped up from a rock)

8.5.14 Stats & Funny Story

Hi All. This is Debbie. Dan and Kevin will be in a no-cell area for the next probably 2-3 days. In looking at their path along rt 26, they should have gone through Prairie City (13 miles) early afternoon and then likely stayed the night in Umatilla National Forest. It is hot out there, upper 90’s. There are sooo many streams, they will have a lot of opportunity to cool off.

There is nothing, literally nothing, between Prairie City and the next town of Vale, OR (102 miles). They should reach Vale maybe Friday / Saturday.
From Vale, the next towns will be Nyssa OR and Parma, ID, about 20 & 27 miles. I would say they would reach Idaho by Saturday / Sunday. After Parma it will be 40 miles to reach Boise.

The state of Idaho will be about 350(ish) miles. My best guess is they will hit the WY border around Aug 26-27 giving them a couple rest days.

No Pics today so I will share a funny story.

Gina (mom) was talking to Jordan (18 year old daughter with WS) and Gina had asked Jordan specifically not do to something. Jordan had other ideas… Gina said, “Jordan, what part of NO don’t you understand?!?!” Jordan’s response – “The O part”. (CMTSU)

8.5.14 Catching up on pics and Baby Sheldon

Baby Sheldon’s dedication was on July 11. An update from his grandmother is that the heart cath went well and he was quickly watching Mickey again. He may need another one later, one step at a time. Way to be strong Sheldon!!!!

Sheldon 2

Yesterday we stayed the day in John Day. Dan and I love this little town. Literally everyone knows everyone and says hi as they pass each other on the street. Just a cool place.

I have some more pics to post from when I was in N Cal.

Subway to San Fran 7.16

Subway to San Fran 7.16

Golden Gate 7.16

Golden Gate 7.16

Coastline N Cal

Coastline N Cal

Redwood Forest 7.22

Redwood Forest 7.22

Chilly morning N Cal

Chilly morning N Cal

Love N Cal!

Love N Cal!

N Cal...

N Cal…

N Cal.

N Cal.

Breakfast in N Cal.  YUM!

Breakfast in N Cal. YUM!

8.3.14 -8.4.14 Stats & thank you to Pastor Levi



It was a hot one today, upper 90’s and pretty much all uphill. Yesterday was downhill so I was able to use the long board for a few miles to give my legs and hips a rest and still make forward progress. Today, I was on my feet. At one point we were getting low on water, in the middle of Nowheresville Oregon (I think there was a place call Nowheresville AZ too : ) ) so we stopped to rest and when a car passed we held up a water bottle. The very first car that passed pulled over and gave us a gallon of water. We were really shocked! Who just has an extra gallon of water in their car? Apparently people out here do because there are a lot of cyclists. Cool!

So Levi M from the town of John Day did get a hold of us. He and his family are really really nice! A big shout out thank you to them. A big HUGE shout out thank you to them. They have 4 kids, a baby girl, an 11 year old really cool son, and 2 older, like high school and college age. Dan and I took much needed showers and slept now for 2 night in the church Levi is the Pastor of, the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship. Levi was really helpful and great to talk with. He is an avid runner/cyclist. Can’t thank them enough… Needed to give my legs a rest and there is only one little town in the next 90+ miles. Before we left they loaded us up with granola bars, Cliff bars, all kinds of fruit! Very very generous, thank you!!!!

Pastor Levi and family

Pastor Levi and family

Be sure to read today’s dedication for Jordan (it is the next post below). He needs all our prayers, today is a big day for him! Thanks.

Catching up on a recent pic and Dan’s wake up alarm from Bend (just the first video is ours, after this plays just other people’s video’s will pop up).

Dan, near Mitchell, OR 8.2.14

Dan, near Mitchell, OR 8.2.14

life is good

8.4.14 Dedication – Jordan – you gotta see this!

jordan 2

I want to share a story about a little boy with WS named Jordan. You can see from the videos below he is just full of joy and happiness. This is copied from his fb page…
“When Jordan was just 9 months old, he was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Because of the Syndrome, he has both physical and developmental disabilities. He also had a severe heart condition. At just 18 months old, he underwent open heart surgery to repair part of his aorta. Everyone thought that would be his biggest battle. In the last 6 years he has overcome so much. He grows and learns more everyday. He is, by far, the sweetest boy you could ever meet.
Unfortunately, that initial cardiac battle would prove to not be his hardest. On July 24, 2014, Jordan was diagnosed with Leukemia. He is currently in Childrens Hospital Boston and faces a long struggle…
Jordan is the best little boy in the world. He has overcome a lot in his short time and will continue to persevere.”

Jordan started chemo today, the 5th anniversary of his open heart surgery. He made it through that just fine so he will make it through this as well! We send our prayers and support for him and his family. His support page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jordans-Brave-Page/559210117517760?fref=photo

Check out the 2 videos below and who came to visit him!!!!! Wow!!!!




An update from this morning at 10 am on Jordan, “Chemo messed up Jordan’s chemistry last night… His electrolytes are off and platelets were too low for the OR. He received a transfusion and now heading to the OR for his LP ( chemo into his spinal fluid). He is Headed to the OR now and he isn’t happy about it.”

8.2.14 Stats


On Friday we made it 31 miles and slept in a rancher’s barn. These farmers out here are so nice! The town of Mitchell is basically a gas staion, a convenient store and a café. OK, if you are riding through Mitchell OR you have to stop at the café. It was AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!

Saturday we made about 34 miles into Dayville and a church let us sleep in the basement. Again, super nice. We had another good dinner here. Dan and I split it, we needed to eat the food we had so were not super hungry but wanted something hot to eat.

Sunday we hope to make it to John Day, OR. Another runner, Levi, saw the news spot from Bend and reached out here for us to stay with him. We hope it works out. The cell service will be sketchy so we hope we can connect.

OK, the big news… You know how I said Hitch was acting up, was not listening well about 2-3 weeks ago? Well… looks like we will be having littler hitchhikers. I might steal mom’s autobiography book title CMTSU and steel it for mine. (Can’t make this s$%# up). I am trusting you the world not to steal the book title from here… I was trying to think back, could not remember when she was around any male dogs, then it hit me! I was talking to a lady, both of the dogs were on leashes and we looked down and it was like “hey there cowboy find another heifer!” I guess in that brief moment. He was little and white and fluffy. That’s all I can remember, did not think much more of it at that time. Little bit of info for ya’all that did not grow up on a farm… A heifer (heffer) is a female bovine that has not given birth. A cow is a female that has had a calf (technically 2 calves). A steer is a castrated male (good for beef) and a bull is a fertile male.

So catching up on pics from the past 2 days and one from Bend.

Throw back to July 28 and the Paslays

Throw back to July 28 and the Paslays

Sleeping quarters 8.1!  East of Mitchell, OR

Sleeping quarters 8.1! East of Mitchell, OR

Thanks to a rancher near Mitchell, OR who let us sleep on hay bales.  Just fine with us! 8.1

Thanks to a rancher near Mitchell, OR who let us sleep on hay bales. Just fine with us! 8.1

Between Mitchell and Dayville, OR 8.2

Between Mitchell and Dayville, OR 8.2

Dan near Mitchell OR 8.2

Dan near Mitchell OR 8.2

Aug 2 Between Mitchell and Dayville OR.  Down hill!!!!

Aug 2 Between Mitchell and Dayville OR. Down hill!!!!

Dan...  Aug 2 near Mitchell, OR

Dan… Aug 2 near Mitchell, OR

Dan doing some movie editing 8.2 Dayville, OR

Dan doing some movie editing 8.2 Dayville, OR

8.2 As the storm clouds roll in.  Near Dayville, OR

8.2 As the storm clouds roll in. Near Dayville, OR

7.31.14 Stats

7.31 chart

7.31 graph

Made good progress today, right about 35 miles and ended about 8 miles west of Mitchell. It was a warm day, pretty much all uphill. We are feeling good. Thankfully we brought a lot of food and water. It was heavy but since there is so little out here we are glad to push/pull the extra weight.

There are wild fires kind of close to here. No worries they are under control and where we are is not dense woods. Mom called the fire company in Prineville and they reassured her we would be ok and since rt 26 is a scenic road there are a lot of bicyclist (a lot is relevant) and they would send trucks/vans to ride up and down the road to pick up any of us if the fires were close. Yeah, she was glad to hear that!!! We will not have cell service for a few days until we get to the next town so until then there probably won’t be any updates. Hopefully we will have a lot of pics to share.

So last night when we decided to call it a day there was a ranch. We asked if we could camp on their property. Super nice, they let us have the barn. Below is a pic of where we stayed then the forecast for the next day or 2.


8.1 weather

8.01.14 WS info – Scoliosis and feeding problems.

You have read now a lot about the struggles with health concerns in people with WS – Cardiac mostly, kidney, hearing, problems with anesthesia. I will add 2 more health issues today – scoliosis and feeding. Both of these affect a greater % of people with WS than the non-WS population. Dr’s and researchers aren’t sure why so still more research is needed. Of course this is secondary to research for aortic and pulmonary stenosis (narrowing of the arteries) and other life threatening concerns!

Scoliosis can be treated now much more effectively with braces and surgery. Here are some pics posted on fb recently.

scoliosis 2

scoliosis 1

scoliosis 3

scoliosis 4

Another area of concern is the need for sooo many babies and toddlers to require feeding tubes. There are probably a lot of reasons, some have to so with an over active gag reflex which prevents them from being able to swallow. I am copying a letter to an news paper editor written by mom’s friend Julie. Please click on it to read it.

feeding tube