4.4.14 (stats)

From To Miles Elevation Hours Weather Total Mi Total Hrs Day #
Dejarnette, VA Surry, VA 84 0-236 8 sun, mid 80’s 254 28 4

Longest ride today.  The weather was great and my skin got a little sun.  I will definitely have a weird tan in a few days.  By 4:00 I was tired, hot, hungry and thirsty.  Luckily by 4:15 there was a mom and pop store head.  By 5:00 I found a spot to spread the hammock. Then a phone call!  Uncle Mike had planned a while ago to run in a Warrior Dash like race in VA Beach tomorrow.  I just happen to be a couple miles out of his drive path.  How odd that we live only a couple miles apart and we meet in Surry VA!  Had a great dinner with him.  He brought me back to the campsite. Good luck tomorrow Uncle Mike!

While at dinner 2 guys walk into the diner, one asks the other “where do ya wanna sit”, the other guy says “how bout a chair”.  No kidding!!!

 Uncle Mike

Here is a pic of the inside of the hammockiNSIDE HAMMOCK

4.4.14 Dedication – Brandon

 Brandon v2

Today’s ride around Richmond heading Eastward is dedicated to you, Brandon!  I am sure you are a blast to hang with and you are the most popular kid at school!  Keep working hard at school & congrats on making  HONOR ROLL for 2 years!  You Rock Bro!!!!

Brandon is 13
He lives with his two brother’s and his mom and Dad.
He is the middle child.
He made the honor roll two years in a row .
He loves listing to music.
He likes watching sports on tv.


4.3.14 (stats)


















From To Miles Elevation Hours Weather Total Mi Total Hrs Day # 
Dumfries, VA ~Dejarnette, VA 48 21-241 6 pt sun, low 70’s 170 20 3

Lots of awareness spreadeth!

OK, so I left the campground and started heading toward Fredericksburg, VA to meet some of the nicest families!!! So I am following bike route on  Google Maps – make a left, a left, a right… you get the picture.  I see what looks to have been a baracade, it was open (ok, I confess, open enough to get a bike through) sooooo I followed the directions. A bit later I hear gun shots in the woods. Huh? Not really hunting season… Google says make a right, a left, go down a large hill.  Well hello you not-so-welcoming- looking  military-dude .  “Who are you? Why are you here? What are you doing?”  “Well, I’m just on a ride from MD looking to get to …” “Why are you here? How did you get here…? Where did you come from?” (you can imagine). “Hey, no disrespect here, just following google maps” After emptying my bags he comes across a laminated page with the WS logo. “What’s this about?”  Well,  its about this trip you see…” He softened up and pointed me to the “public” road. 

Kristie arranged a few families to meet at IHOP.  The pics above are from this gathering. You all are the nicest people ever and not just for the strawberry french toast, just for being you!  Your children are amazing and I loved just listening to you all catch up with one another!   Oh the  flirting was hilarious!  If only I was 15 years younger : )   Today’s ride is dedicated to Jacey and she is in the green shirt above and you can read about her on the dedication post.

Now for the evening.  I found a campground in a pretty depressed area.  They were very nice and only charged for showers.  There were about 10 campers there. Since it was a small campground they all gather together for dinner and a bon fire which they invited me to.  There was one man who was a Vietnam Vet and went to Woodstock.  All the movies on Vietnam do not even compare to what he told.  My day started “visiting” active military and ended with talking with a vet for about 3 hours.  To all you who serve or who have served – I salute YOU!


4.3.14 Dedication – Jacey


I am thrilled to ride today for Jacey Riann Hurst. Jacey turned 3 years old in August, she was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when she was a year old. Jacey has multiple medical issues as a result of Williams Syndrome, including heart and kidney disease. Jacey is a miracle and a perfect joy to all of us that love her and she steals the heart of everyone that meets her.

I can’t wait to her and her family today near Fredericksburg, VA!!!!

4.2.14 (stats)

From To Miles Elevation Hours Weather Total Mi Total Hrs
Laurel, MD Dumfries, VA 74 1-245 8 pt sun, mid 60’s 122 14



It warmed up a bit in the afternoon and was great riding.  Made it to Prince William Park where I camped, took a shower and had dinner with other campers and spreading awareness!  People are just so nice!  Here is the campsite for the night… It was very very quiet, freakishly quiet.

camp 4.2

4.2.14 Dedication – Mikayla Rae

Hello All.  Today I am happy to dedicate the ride from MD, through DC and into VA to Mikayla Rae.  Happy happy birthday Mikayla!  


(from her mom) – On April 2, 2008, Mikayla Rae joined the world. She had more hair than I’ve ever seen on a newborn – black and curly – and weighed a whopping 6 lbs. 6 oz. She was perfect. At her one week check up the pediatrician noticed a heart murmur and referred us to a pediatric cardiologist. The cardiologist told us that one of Mikayla’s heart issues was a “red flag” for a genetic disorder. He referred us to a geneticist to have Mikayla tested for Williams Syndrome.

Like I said, she was perfect. God created Mikayla for His glory. He created her perfectly the way He intended her to be. 

She is our sweet and happy girl who loves peas and hates sleep. She smiles a lot. People, even strangers, are drawn to her in an unexplainable way. She loves Disney and music and puppies and Christmas. I’m thankful for a child who has taught me so much about loving people in a pure and unconditional way.

4.1.14 (stats)

Thank you Ms Mary Lou and Mr Bob for hosting!

From To Miles Total mi Elevation Hours Weather
Parkton, MD Laurel, MD 48 48 28-780 6 pt sun, low 60’s

Nice day to start and riding on NCR trail was relaxing. Baltimore City is beautiful until south of the stadiums. Parents were right, needed to get through as quickly as possible.  Uneventful day, feeling good.  Ms Mary Lou came to the DC Gala a few years ago but Mr Bob really did not know much about WS until today : )

4.1.14 – Day 1, Jake’s day

A quiet morning with Mom and Dad.   A few words of wisdom from them like, “High tail it through the Southwest end of Baltimore!”, a couple of hugs,  and I’m off at 7:58 am.      Kev and Dad

Me and Mom


heading out 1

heading out 2

photo (15)


Today’s ride I dedicate to my brother Jake.  He  was born on October 18, 1992. Mom said he was a really miserable baby, cried non stop and had the longest reaching projectile vomit of anyone she had ever seen.  About 7 months old when he started being able to eat cereal he changed, He had a great disposition, smiled constantly and was just a joy.  I was born in June 1995, Jake was diagnosed in October of the same year.  I obviously do not remember all of what happened. I do remember tagging along for Jake’s therapies and wishing I got to play with the pretty girls too.  Growing up Jake was just like Rob (oldest brother) and I. We all had chores to do, we all had extracurricular activities (started with sports & scouts for all of us). We fought just as brothers do & learned to keep secrets as brothers should.  Jake has the SVAS and luckily he has not needed heart surgery. Of course he had hernia surgery when he was 3.  When he was 17 he had recurring episodes of “pneumos” (lung kept collapsing). He spent Halloween and Thanksgiving in the hospital before it was permanently fixed.  Jake is super popular in Hereford, literally everyone knows him, LITERALLY!  Just last night after dinner at Walmart a random guy came up to me and struck up a conversation.  When he asked what kind of a bike ride I was going on I said a big one. With that he said “Oh, you’re Jake’s brother!”  Typical, so so typical.  Jake is great, he received his certificate with his natural graduation class and now works about 25-30 hours a week at Wegmans where he has been for 2+ years.  He loves it and NEVER complains about the weather& works outside.  He loves the freedom being 21 provides. Oh yeah, all the local bartenders know him too and know his favorite drinks are rootbeer and an occasional Mike’s Hard.  So for all you other siblings out there, remember there is humor in everything!  Even if we get embarassed, everyone else thinks whatever happened is cute or funny. Roll with it!    If you would like a day dedicated to someone I would love to learn about your family!  I am also looking for true and original funny stories to post so please send them in!   This is our journey so please let me share your memories!!!  Thank you for following. Thanks for all your well wishes & prayers. Right back at cha!