5.2.14 Dedication – Sophia

Jake is going to be so excited today!  He adores Sophia and how can anyone not?  We met her, her parents and brother a few years ago at a picnic at our house.  Jake and Sophia INSTANTLY became friends. 

Sophia spellman pic

Hi!  My name is Sophia and I am 7 years old.

 I was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when I was 14 months old.  That helped explain all the missed milestones and medical issues I had.  My parents immediately joined the Williams Syndrome Association so that I may have the most valuable resources available to aide in my medical and educational care.

 I have made friends with other children with Williams Syndrome just like me!  We have playdates together, go to each others’ birthday parties, see each other at conventions and last year I went to the WS music camp for the first time.  That’s me at music camp in the picture above!

 My most favorite things to do are play at the park, sing, dance, listen to music, paint, and even sit at the bar at Starbucks and meet people or watch the blenders.  My favorite song right now is Piano Man and She’s Always The Woman To Me by Billy Joel.  I play soccer and do art with other kids with disabilities.  This year has been especially fun, taking swim lessons, horse riding lessons and am in a theatre class preparing for my first performance next month.  This summer I’ll be in Washington D.C., at camp for African Drum & Dance.  This is one of my favorite camps that I’ve been attending since I was four years old.

 Next year I’ll be a first grader and then I plan on going to College just like my big brother.  At least that’s my plan.  Oh and somehow someway I will get my parents to adopt a puppy for me.

Below I am with Jake (Kevin’s brother), we have been friends for a LONG time.



5.1.14 (stats)

From To (Arrival) ~ Miles Elevation Hours Weather Total Mi Total Hrs Riding day #
Madison, FL Monticello, FL 40 80-188 4 drizzle, 70’s 1344 132 19

Well I have been on the road for one month now. 19 days of riding and 11 rest days.  I will not have the luxury of so many rest days now but am grateful it started this way & have met amazing people !   They say April showers bring May flowers… I only had one or two days of light rain before this HUGE storm passed the last couple of days.  I pray for all the families that were devastated by this just a little to the west and north.  If I did not have the rest days I could have been in that area. I thank GOD He slowed the ride!!! Literally, I would have been in that area….   I got a late start today, around 2:30 because I was waiting for the last part of the storm to pass.  Long day tomorrow, want to make it to Southport which is near Panama City…

5.1.14 Dedication – Walker


Hi there.  Meet Walker on the Day 1 of Williams Syndrome Awareness Month!  Walker, you have to go to Folkston GA if you like trains!!!



Walker will be 8 in July… He is a happy go lucky kid and loves his friends.. hint …if you make eye contact you are Walkers friend. 😉  He loves fireworks but hates the sound they make… He is a you tube junkie and loves to watch videos on Tornados, Volcanos, butterflies, trains, bats and the oh so dreaded Mine craft videos his mom hates. He is a big WS kid and is at 60% height and weight on the normal growth chart.  A Hi from anyone will make his day