9.4.14 Update

Thank you Dean Johnson of NBC news in Casper for interviewing us today. We will be on the news friday at 6 pm and 10 pm.

Other than that, Hitch had her stitches taken out and we went to the grocery store. Food out here is so expensive!

We will stay in Casper until Saturday. We met some people and they invited us over on Friday night,

Thank you to the family that is letting us camp in their yard Wednesday night and then let us stay in their basement Thursday night!

There are a lot of antelope out here. I heard that there are more deer and antelope in WY than there are people. Funny little thing I will remember forever. Oh and people DO NOT disturb the antelope. If an antelope is in your path, you go around…

Dan being interviewed by Dean Johnson…

Mom transferred the last of the $ to the “ride” account. We have 50 cents a mile to get us home for food, camp fees, shoes.

9.3.14 Update



The above graph and chart is 2 days of traveling… We were really in the middle of Nowhereville WY last night. No town, no homes, no cell. It was COLD!! I think it was probably in the 30’s overnight. We really couldn’t sleep well because it was so cold so we got a really early start on Wednesday the 3rd. By noon we were at the outskirts of Casper. Looking forward to eating again!!!

Dean Johnson at the NBC affiliate here in Casper reached out to us. We will meet him tomorrow (Thursday) at noon. Back to spreading awareness!!! Love it!!!

Hilarious stories on the next (previous) post. Thanks mom….

9.2.14 Update & Funny stories on sensory and anticipation

Hi. This is Debbie. I think the guys are in a no cell area probably about 30-50 miles west of Casper, WY would be my guess. In looking at google maps along rt 26 there really is nothing out there so I am not surprised they are not answering their phones or giving updates. Probably later today or tomorrow they will have something.

Hoping a news station in Casper will pick up their story.

On sensitive hearing… copied from a fb post and names changed of course…

“We went to a local minor league baseball game Friday night. During the Star Spangled Banner when they say, “Rockets red glare” wouldn’t you know they set off the worlds loudest fireworks!! My poor (young) child with WS was beside himself. They did more at the end of the song. He was flipping out and screamed at the top of his lungs $%^&*# %^&@#$%& *&*@#!!! Everyone was staring. All I could do was laugh. We had to leave for 2 innings to calm down. I am sure people think I’m mom of the year to have a tiny cursing kid.”
(I find this hilarious as did so many other WS parents on the page. Yes, we need to have a sense of humor to keep our sanity. Some of our children have incredible sensory issues, some cannot even tolerate a regular movie in a theatre, they need to go to a movie that has sensory adaptions. This is true for not only some children with WS but even some adults. So please, if and when you see someone freak out, don’t be judgmental, you have no idea what is happening beyond what you can see.)

On anticipation, again from fb last weekend with the permission of his mother…
“I love the set up he created on his own. He told me he really needs a fan when he writes! Oh, he is writing his birthday list, his birthday is in April. He likes to plan ahead.”

(Surely ALL you parents of WS “kids” are saying “Yup, been there!”)

9.2.14 Dedication – Addie

I am so glad we met Addie back in Mitchell OR. This chance encounter meeting her and her family at the diner was really cool. Addie was so excited to meet us, but we were more excited to meet her! I know you are going to be an entertainer but first is school. Hope you have a great time in 7th grade Addie!!!

addie 2

addie 1

Left to right, Dan, our new friend Addie, and Kev

Left to right, Dan, our new friend Addie, and Kev

This is Adelaide who also goes by Addie. She will turn 13 on 1/24/2015. Addie was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome when she was 9 months old. Her first triumph was walking and with the help of braces was up and dancing by 2-1/2! She has not stopped dancing since.

Addie has a particular love for musical groups – her favorites are The Wiggles, The Fresh Beat Band and Pentatonix! Her dream is to be in the Wiggles someday and entertain children all over the world with music and dancing.

Her parents call her Little Miss or Miss Addie. Addie comes into a room with a big smile and big personality to boot – she makes friends where ever she goes! Her Mom and Dad tease her for being kind of a rock star in the neighborhood. When she walks into the local grocery or eatery – everyone knows her name and she greets everyone back with an amazing knack for remembering their names. Addie also loves swimming, fishing, animals of all kinds and playing with her cousins.

Addie enjoys school and has made huge leaps and bounds in academics as she enters 7th grade. She is very much looking forward to meeting others with Williams; hopefully at a music summer camp someday – she has said many times she can’t wait to meet her brothers and sisters!

9.1.14 Stats

We want to thank Rick and Echo for their hospitality and friendship! We could never thank them enough! Really. Breakfast of pancakes and sausage was amazing!!!

Look at what they gave to Dan and I! We each got one. Some things take our breath away. This was one….

Thank you Rick and Echo!

Thank you Rick and Echo!

Amazing gift from Rick and Echo

Amazing gift from Rick and Echo

9.1 chart

9.1 grapj

After we left Rick and Echo’s the day was pretty ordinary. Just kept talking about how nice everyone was. We camped out in some trees in a cornfield not too far from the intersection of 26 and Lysite Moneta Rd.

Travel days we are averaging 32.3 miles and including rest days we are at 27.6 miles per day. Using the rest day averages and expecting to spend a week at Slippery Rock to see some friends we think we should be home about Nov 12. I am thinking this is the farther date, it will flatten out soon and even if our averages increase by 1 mile per day that adds up quickly with ~1850 miles still to go. We are about 78 miles from Casper. Pretty much nothing else before that.

Just playing around and mapped out the elevations to Sioux City, IA. Check out the red line… Sooo excited!

boyson to sioux city

9.1.14 $10,000 goal reached

Thank you everyone who has donated to the Williams Syndrome Association! Thank you as well to those who have helped Dan and I personally on the journey. There are so many of you that have done so much, so many super nice people we have met.

I wanted to start at 1,000 but was told I should set it at 3,000. When I got close I raised it to 5, then 7 and finally 10. I will not raise it again, but please continue to give and follow. Still about 2,000 more miles to go!

Holy buckets!!! It went up $500 since yesterday! Thank you!!!!


8.31 Stats


boysen state

A lot going on today… We crossed paths with another XC cyclist. He looks so professional!! Good luck on your journey…

We really need showers! It has been like 3 days. Mom asked why we don’s use the soap and just wash up in the streams. Well, upstream are always cow pastures and cows go in the water. We are taking our chances that we smell better than if we washed in it.

We found a little diner next to a fire station. That was it, no town, just these 2 buildings. The owner said they serve at 12 so we said we would wait. Then he said Hitch was not allowed in. I took out her service dog papers and they still would not let her in. The waitress agreed that the dog should be allowed in but the owner said no. I was NOT going to leave her outside so we left. (Dad said that it was probably not the dog they did not want in the diner, probably us for not showering for a few days…yeah, coulda been…) Dan was mad because we are hungry and out of food. A little while later there was a gas station with all you can eat hot dogs for $5….. OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!! Music to our ears! Until… lets just say we panicked when we needed a bathroom 20 minutes later.

We camped at the home of Rick and Echo near Boysen State Park. Super nice family and their friends were too. The grandfather is Rick, grandmother is Echo, grandson is Payton. They let us string up our hammocks and said we could shower!!!! We have not hammocked in the last like 3 weeks, trees are good. They made a great dinner for their friends and invited us. Rick took us for a ride on their Gator with Payton. Again, something else we did not think we would do on the trip. Such a good time! thank you. After dinner they passed around a Blessing Star and everyone had to say what blessing they are thankful for. It was a really great time. I am posting this Monday morning and they said they would have breakfast soon. How nice! Just when we needed food. A random enounter? I’m thinking nothing is random.

We heard that a hiker was struck by a car just about 3 miles from Rick and Echo’s late at night. I am so sad for his family. It is just a little too close for comfort. Apparently 3 bikers or hikers have been hit by drunk drivers in the past couple weeks. We will no longer be traveling at night! I just feel so bad for his family.

Have you heard the phrase “we live in a parallel universe”? Parallel to what? I am a visual person so think parallel like dry spaghetti in the box. But what happens to the spaghetti as it expands? It gets softer right?
Now think about this. There is wooden spoon that stirs a pot of water with the soft noodles. What happens then? Noodles touch each other randomly. Now, this will blow your mind! What if it is God that is holding the wooden spoon? Would the noodles touching be random then? Right!!!!!! Maybe this should be called the wet noodle journey, of course still to raise awareness for Williams Syndrome but on a personal level, this 7 month journey is not random. Things happened in a certain way for the last 5 years that brought Dan and I to this point. Looking back it was a progression of sports, school, college, just everything that brought us here. It all makes sense.

Mind Blown…

Love meeting real cyclists on their own xc journey! He looks so professional.  I probably could learn a lot from him

Love meeting real cyclists on their own xc journey! He looks so professional. I probably could learn a lot from him

A family took us out for a ride on their Gator 8.31 near Boyson State Park. FUN FUN. Thank you!

A family took us out for a ride on their Gator 8.31 near Boyson State Park. FUN FUN. Thank you!

Love Rt 26 in WY...

Love Rt 26 in WY…

WY is so pretty

WY is so pretty

8.30 Stats


riv chartt

Our day was good. Started by finding a knife named Jenny near where we camped. Later in the day we came across an abandoned school on an Indian Reservation so we HAD to check it out.. How big was the water pipe that broke under the school gym? The school is only like 20 years old and already abandoned. We had on our hats with the lights and were looking round. We went to (near) the locker rooms. There were no windows so it was really dark in there. Dan went “in” first and came right out “Nope, nope, not going in there” I thought he was just pulling my leg so I peeked in. They still had the shower curtains hanging and the breeze from opening the doors made them move. It really felt like someone was watching us. Perfect place for a horror film! Talk about the hee-bee-gee-beez!!!

There really is nothing around and houses are few and far between. When we decided to stop for the day there was no place around and remembered we saw a house about a mile back so we backtracked to ask if we could camp out. They were nice and let us.

Starting to run low on food. Hope there is a diner soon. We could really use a big burger, FF, vanilla shakes.

Now we have our family complete,,,  Lt Dan, Forrest, Jenny and Little Forrest (Hitch). Found it near our campsite when we woke up Saturday

Now we have our family complete,,, Lt Dan, Forrest, Jenny and Little Forrest (Hitch). Found it near our campsite when we woke up Saturday

Wonder why this school was abandoned? How big was the water pipe that busted?

Wonder why this school was abandoned? How big was the water pipe that busted?